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    Having had a few games on main i’ve noticed that the score list isn’t displaying long names completely, except my own:
    The wronged names are: Radeon Killer and Pastor of Muppets. Pastor of Mu sounds funny, though. Am I the only one having this issue?

    Another thing is what happened to the interesting page Weekly stats i would like to watch from time to time, and the recent server events (failed to find this one).

    And the Mac not displaying some windows properly issue I’ve already posted in my topic in Help and troubleshooting section. Though it is possible to deal with server selection window, recently i’ve found that custom game configuration window is also larger then the screen so it is not really possible to configure a game this way (yes i’m aware i can edit the file):
    OS X 10.5.7 1680×1050 full screen mode.



    Names is limited to (I THINK) 12 caracters.

    Hence anyone with <= 12 will display fine.

    Not a major issue as a limit does need to exist, else the screen would be all weird with more than one line for a name on occasion.

    The rest, I leave open for cleverer people than myself.



    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    Names is limited to (I THINK) 12 caracters.

    Hence anyone with <= 12 will display fine.

    Doesn’t make much sense since these names are displayed properly for the very tanks in game, as well as in all killed-died-chat messages and stats. And the one that is my own is displayed right even though its long.

    I know the names’ length is limited (definitely more then 12) but there was never anything wrong with name as long as it was entered.



    Having just looked at my screenshot…the word “balance” is misspelled, it must be with one L.

    Also, when you join a game it gives you information about the game forums – while its phpBB3 for some long time already.



    The size of the settings window is fixed in the 43betas.
    Yes the name is limited to 12 characters in length, this is only in effect in the score dialog. I guess the actual length depends on the width of the characters displayed.
    Unfortunately I can’t change the spelling of ballance because its now in the settings files 🙁 I guess we could use the localization files to fix it.
    Weekly stats are fixed again, sorry I missed this one.

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