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    yes and due to the overhaul it’s highly recomended to get a
    fresh clean copy of the mod..

    delete the old scorchwars folder entirely.. or you may run into alot
    of clutter or issues..

    heres some screenys of the new death star we have been working
    so hard on this past week.

    better models, + sounds = happy campers.



    pic 2



    wimper and wine picture for gavin..



    new endor map


    a banana

    Wow, looking very sweet, guys. I’ve always liked the Scorchwars mod, but can’t wait to check it out the new, improved version!

    a banana



    planet endor update screeny



    we have been updating and improving the mod and will continue until its a completed supermod total conversion.

    we still need some things though…

    but we are still waiting on some of those *old* requests…

    so it’s still upseting that we *still* cant do what we had in mind..

    but understandable.



    I can’t get get on to the server,

    and the links on your mod site are broken



    The work you guys do amazes me. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



    Correct Doom, you cannot get into the v41 swars server at the
    moment bacause it’s down during the overhaul.

    Once we’re at a point where most of the model and sound replacing is
    complete, and we’re into the “adding” stage, it will be returned to a
    completely open server. Yes.. No minkills.

    It’s also not currently linked up on my Page of All-Mods for the same reason.
    But most of the others are, so that Everyone can leech them and run
    off giggling like they just stole something, and maybe .. possibly.. enter
    a server at some later time and PLAY one in the spirit for which they
    were intended….



    Wow thats some nice shots there.



    actually thrax, I DO play on the servers. and only SOME of the links on the mod site work, some of them are broken. Can you please fix them?


    KTM Rider

    😯 Superb pictures. I’m looking forward to this. SWars continues to push the envelope of S3D.



    tedious work.. slowly but surely it’l get there.

    things you might see on tatooine..



    thrax opened the doors for all of you..

    please behave so the doors may stay unlocked.

    scorchwars v2.0 officialy released πŸ˜€

    merry x-mas.

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