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    This video was inspired while playing Scorched 3D and listening to Tool with a really good buzz!!!!
    The song is Schism from Tool, with video and still shots taken while playing.

    File size 130 mb.
    Resolution 1024×768
    Length a lil over 7 minutes

    I used a program called FRAPS to capture the video, just so you know Fraps will capture video and stills from any game that uses Direct X.
    To create the animated logo in the beginning I used Ulead Cool 3D pro.
    and the rest was done with Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 and DivX.

    Dont fret if you are a 56k user, Apollo is going to host a smaller more 56k friendly version on his site soon.

    I have rented online storage for this file for 1 month, so I suggest that if you want to see it you get it soon……

    Beware, this is a DivX file, make sure you are loaded,I mean make sure you have the DivX codec loaded before trying to watch this video!!!!!

    Anyway here is the link, I hope you like it



    I ‘ve already 5% downloaded. 😛



    Good settings for a 56k version would be 352×240 resolution for widescreen or 320×240 for “monitor fit” resolution and Video bit rate of 1150kbps CBR with 192kbps Audio bit rate. Those are the standards for Internet Music Videos BTW. I’ve made a couple in my time.



    Hey! Well done Soup! :mrgreen:
    When do you start the casting for the next movie?



    Hej Soupie:) the movie is GREAT!!:)
    we want more:) sound is ok too , nice graphic effects:)
    good job:)
    only 1 question:):) how did u select the material!! i suck in most cases lol:)



    only 1 question:):) how did u select the material!! i suck in most cases lol:)

    I cant help but smile, I tried to throw in shots of me dying too….. lol
    You just happen to look better dying than most, nothing personal!!

    thanks for the comment.



    Great movie soup!!!…(damm “enter” key is lock…)…..


    Apollo Tangent

    I’m re-encoding it now to Video-CD NTSC (MPEG-1 352×240 29.97fps CBR 1150kbps, Layer-2 44100Hz 224kbps) which means, if you have a vcd capable dvd player you can burn it to a CDR and watch it on your television… Should be down to about 70MB in size.

    My ISP only allows me for 10MB of hosting for my site so I was wondering if anyone has some free psace to host the re-encoded file?




    Interesting mansion you live in soupie.
    Everything at your fingertip! 8)

    (Sorry for the kills yesterday :P)



    God DAMN it, SoulNazi, you did an excellent job with the video! I guess you had a ton of work with it, but you’ve really done yourself this time 🙂 We all like it here 🙂



    that gives desire for playing ^^ nice work.


    Apollo Tangent

    re-encoding went well! does anyone have space to host the vid? (70MB)?




    Good job on the video soup!

    I’m going to put it in my share folder in the P2P program I use, currently I’m using Shareaza. Anyone who wants it can get it that way when I’m on!


    Apollo Tangent

    Looks Like I should re-encode the other files for you too… I loved the Scorchism video… Let me know how you want to transfer them, btw if you have a msn e-mail account with the expanded mailbox like I do, I can just mail them out…

    Oh… it looks like you’re about to spill some bong water in that pic by the computer… lol


    BTW I did a threat analasys on your garage/ computer room and I found a problem… LOOOOOOOOOOK OUT!!!!!



    BTW I did a threat analasys on your garage/ computer room and I found a problem… LOOOOOOOOOOK OUT!!!!!

    Thank you for pointing that out, many times I have had to fight them off, sometimes whole squads get in, and the firefight that follows takes an awful toll on me and my equipment, My cat Ichabod has dipatched of them properly!!!!
    Thank you, and dont forget to watch your back at all times!!!!

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