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    All right this is becoming annoying:
    Sometimes, when I visit, I repeat, JUST VISIT the settings menu, and then exit, usually discarding all changes made, even though I did not change anything, scorchedc.exe will fail to start and gives me this error:
    “Key “o” and state “NONE” defined for “ENABLE SHIELDS” was also defined for…
    “SHOW_SKIP_DIALOG.” and when I click OK it gives me “Failed to process keys.xml.”

    I swear, I did not change anything in the keys.xml file or the settings menu in months.

    What happened to me just now was just erratical: On startup scorchedc.exe loads extremely slowly, especially “Teraform landscape”.
    I have not touched the game in days, its settings are the same settings that gave me 60FPS and extremely fast loading speeds.

    When I went to switch the game to safe settings, I got the keys.xml errors again.

    I modify the keys.xml file in the .scorched3d folder, which eliminated the error message, and set to the failsafe settings and the game still stops at teraform landscape.

    It does not matter at which priority it is, in Task manager scorchedc.exe appears with 0 CPU usage and about 50.5mb of memory usage.

    I even turned off all the details in the speed/troubleshooting menu to no avail.

    To summarize: the game periodically freezes on startup when it gets to Teraform landscape, and it just sits there, taking its time and mine loading it. And I haven’t the patience to wait the hours it will take to load up the main menu.

    Reinstall would be a typical action, but the chances of this happening again are pretty high.

    Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

    Recent activity:
    successfully activated Vista with a new key I got.
    Installed GameSpy arcade, VideoSpin, DOSbox, and PowerCMD.
    Disabled ‘Data Execution Prevention’ following these instructions:



    Check your video drivers try installing them from the manufactures website not the ones from windows.

    If that does not work you might try:
    Copy your keys.xml from your scorched3d user folder delete that folder and uninstall then reinstall scorched3d start the game exit then copy your keys.xml to the new user folder. See what happens.



    For a weird reason the game started running now 😕 😯 😕 and all I did was my weekly virus scan (no malware was detected) and put the lappy to sleep…

    Weird problem! I will be back with updates.



    Game is still running fine, so I am puzzled as to what happened back there and suspicious that I might hear from it again.

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