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    Laptops Daddy

    im just trying to set up a server on a vps for some nice fast mod uploads/downloads for the new release. any idea of the depencies specific to the server? i cant install the full set for the game. (gavin, or possibly naka? or anyone else who happens to know)

    this may be asking a bit much, but would there be any chance down the line of some packages that are just the server? it’d be handy for the odd headless install. im cross-compiling and transplanting the binaries as is, and it’s a pain in the bum.



    Not Windows?
    Just try to compile it. There are not much dependencies for the server. I successfully compiled and installed it on centos 5.3.

    if the configure script complain about some packages, install them.
    i think all the needed packages come with the distro… cant remember, but for some reason i have downloaded and installed SDL_net-1.2.7-1.***.rpm
    PM me if it is fedora/redhat/centos could help u.


    Laptops Daddy

    hi naka. thanks.

    im debian 5. i cant install all the dev deps to compile. i need to watch my cpu usage.

    ive been sifting through ldd and there arent tooo many. i thought i had it sorted, but now im getting a no version information available message for libjpeg. i think it might be lying to me. dont know if i should copy over a lib. think i’ll call it a night and come back to it later.



    ./configure –enable-serveronly


    Laptops Daddy


    it’s all cool. turned out libsdl-net1.2 was pretty much all i needed with an apt-get. i dont know what was wrong with libjpeg62. something screwy at my hosts end. just copied over a lib and it seems ok.

    tested with merge. whole thing downloaded in about 10 secs. been meaning to set up something like this for a while.



    This just started happening yesterday.
    I’m playing on the Scorched3d Main server, when in the middle of play the camera angles change.
    Now when I have it in “shot” mode, the camera shows the missile coming at me.

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