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    I am going the windows X64 route, and so far, I have needed:
    Visual C++
    Microsoft .NET framework SDK (so I can do 64 bit builds)
    Microsoft Visual studio (even more garbage I needed to install to make so I can compile 64 bit things)

    Wish me luck, If I get this to work i will upload a binary for non-gurus to enjoy the 64bit goodness too.It will only take me a minuet, and will save them from all the time it takes to download and install all the microsoft crap.(so far around 400 megs and counting. I am quite sure that the dial up people will appreciate this.)

    If I have time I will attempt the *.nix versions too, and upload what I get.

    well, just 10 more minuets of downloading, and I can attempt this 🙂



    After 4 attempts now in windows X64 I am going to give up.

    If someone publishes a link to a windows X64 build I will put you on my christmas list 🙂

    Any word when an official windows x64 binary will be available?



    @mmph! wrote:

    Any word when an official windows x64 binary will be available?

    Probably not until 64bit windows versions becomes common place. Doesn’t the 32bit version work for you?



    Yea the 32 bit version runs great, I have a monster system :
    amd 4800+ x2 +64bit
    4 gigs ram
    and a 7900 gtx 512 meg graphics card form nvidia.

    That is not the point though :p

    I have a 64 bit system, and very little 64 bit software….this damages my ego!!

    it is exciting to hear about any 64 bit application, I have been running windows x64 and various flavors of user made unix since 2003.

    my only 64 bit applications so far:
    UNreal 2004
    unreal tournament 3
    Red orchestra

    Pov Ray
    Zbrush 3.1
    Blender 2.45 (only 64bit in linux 🙁 )
    7Zip (awesome, de-compresses twice as fast as the windows unzipper)

    well anyways… I load the .sln file into visual C++ and it tells me it has to convert the file… I say ok… it converts it, then I tell it to build and in the console window it just ticks away and says everything is file not found,for about 10 minuets 🙁

    also in the project property’s, it will not allow me to assign 64bit to the packages, it just stays in 32 bit mode. I have installed 64 bit .NET SDK like it says on the M$ website… but it still does not work for me 🙁

    I went and got the BOrland C++ free compiler like it says in the COMPILE file, but this too is only in a 32 bit flavor 🙁

    I have a 64 bit Dev C++ is it possible to use this? I am able to build Blender 3d with it without a problem (the 32 bit version).I also did a build of SWF Tools a while back to play with the bleeding edge Jpeg2SWF.exe.

    BTW if you guys list a 64bit file at, I bet you will get a jump in your downloads ++a few thousand . 😀

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