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    I’ve been working on the next version of Scorched3D for some time now. I think it’s reached a point where it is possible to show the process so far, remembering this is an early technology preview and in no way representative of the final version.

    This new version of Scorched3D has a reworked graphics engine, with the core game engine being mostly left unchanged (so far at least). The major emphasis for this release was to remove the burden of keeping the graphics engine up to date, while providing mod developers access to content development tools. To this end the graphics engine is now based on ogre3d, I evaluated a host of engines but this engine still provided an aspect of originality while also allowing the unique Scorched3D aspect of a deformable terrain (something most major engines lack support for). Ogre allows importing models from most of the commonly used 3D modelling packages, including animation, making model development much easier. Ogre has a particle engine and designer that provides the ability to easily create more realistic effects and significantly up the eye candy. The GUI engine has also been replaced with a more up to date engine that allows UIs to be templated and designed in an editor.

    Quick outline of features of the new engine-
    – graphics engine based on ogre3d
    – trees/grass etc based on ogre paged geom
    – water/sky based on hydrax/skyx
    – particle engine and designer based on particle universe
    – GUI and editor based on cegui
    – changed SDL dependencies to boost
    – engine can auto generate html documentation for xml file formats

    I’ve put a zip of a compiled version for windows here:
    Just unzip and run the scorched3dc file.



    Some pics.
    Note: shadows and AA are off in these, I’ll do some more with them on.



    This is going to be awesome. ;D

    It is coming along very very nicely Gav!

    Definitely a discernible difference in smoothness, loading, and graphics capability.




    Seems to look much more nicer, nice job.


    Laptops Daddy

    looks excellent


    pastor of muppets




    That is really nice looking. 😀



    any time goal your shooting for on release? hope everyone has a great new year! especially s3d haha. maybe thisll be the year i finish my mod, and would be super if can coincide with the new engine,,,
    will the current accessories.xml be seamless to integrate?



    Is there an estimated time for arival yet for the new update? 🙂



    @serioustoni wrote:

    Is there an estimated time for arival yet for the new update? 🙂


    Soon™ is a relative term to an unknown variable which may or may not be disclosed before the collapse of the known universe.

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