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    Brain Damage

    i would like to announce that since today, the scorched3d rpm (mandriva specifically build) is ailwable in the mandriva mirrors 8)

    it’s a good news because:

    -the game has got popularity
    -the game will have more “pubblicity”
    -it’s ailwable in more places
    -there is a chance that someday it will be included along the distribution (wich will may be a really good way to get more people :))

    advantages for madriva users:
    -it fixes (at least for mandriva) the poor GUI grafics problem already pointed in this post, since it automatically downloads too the libraries to display it correctly
    -it creates the links & icons inside the KDE menu in the right places (the “universal” rpm doesn’t in mandriva)
    -small speed improvements

    good luck and have fun 😀



    Nice 1, thanks.

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