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    Just wondering if anyone has tried porting Scorched3d to the Nokia Internet Tablet? The Nokia 770 has a 252 MHz OMAP1710 CPU, an 800 x 480 screen and it runs on Debian GNU/Linux?


    Brain Damage

    you migh thave some problems with the controls; the limited amount of keys and the lack of a right mouse button will make the controls very painful (if you assing a button as mutator, only 3 will be left)

    and i think that 250 MHz clock is too low, expecially considering the second core is a DSP wich is more suitable for bulk processing of IO streams than running a game with very long (compared to the average dsp algorythm) code

    alsi, i think it needs mention that that article doesn’t informs about the GPU, wich is probably very low-end and i’m wondering about how much opengl support would have

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