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    @gcamp wrote:

    They had the original code, I don’t think they wanted to connect the two.
    Besides at the pace the open source one some times moves at I don’t know
    how long they would be compatible. Most games even across PC/console
    aren’t playable against each other, especialy when the computer players
    have such a advantage.

    I don’t think people will be sitting at home playing, when about or on the move
    they play the iPhone version. If they like it and come home they may play this

    Still… would have been nice if they could have.

    We always did want to port it to other platforms. There’s always hope for
    playstation, xbox and who knows.. Scorched3D for Wii. Be the tank! Run on
    that dance-pad, escape the bombs!



    Actualy the same company asked about a console license so depending on how the iphone one goes it’s not out of the question.



    (evil sherlock holmes voice) someday my phone will be my computer.. then we shall see Mr. Gavin! 😈

    g’day mate!




    @gcamp wrote:

    Actualy the same company asked about a console license so depending on
    how the iphone one goes it’s not out of the question.

    If it ever comes to the level of consoles, i’m pretty sure they’d opt for the
    new hellfire play-modes we’re working into it now. We’ll never be Halo.. but
    it’s a step in the same direction.



    one thing i would like to add , if developer can provide link to our home site i.e. . it will be good so the ppl can join forum from their iphone. so they can join mainstream also. as right now i am sending this msg from phone. 🙂



    Has anyone heard about further movement on the IPhone version of Scortched? I’ve been keeping an eye out, but there has been nothing on the App Store.


    pastor of muppets

    I have an app that is a version of the original but haven’t seen the 3d version yet. I did just recently get tower madness which is extremely addictive may wanna check it out fles.



    Thanks POM. I’ll check it out.



    The platform for the game has been perfect for the application. The accessories to be used might be a good concept. It was the 3d for iPhone that have a good design.



    @fab4 wrote:

    Very impressive.

    I’m assuming this game will also work on the latest generation iPod Touch. How about the iPad?

    Lastly, will the iPhone/iPod Touch versions be able to compete with networked opponents playing on computers?

    I am looking forward for this to happen. I heard that there will be a release of the new version of ipod and ipad where that game will also work. I hope it is true and I can’t wait to play it on my phone.




    Sorry that we have not sent a lot of updates about the project recently. We were quite busy with the launch of iPad and iPhone4 and also had good success with our game GraalOnline Classic.

    We are still working on Scorched3D and plan to release it on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. We are currently working on a replay-feature so that players can watch the shoot again because on the small screen it can sometimes get confusing when a lot of missiles are flying around and it’s always fun to see the big explosions again. We are also working on improving the interface.

    The plan is to release the game before the end of this year.



    Hmmm, where’s the ‘report post’ button gone??



    I am curious, did this app ever get finished? I have looked high and low and cannot seem to find it anywhere, I was hoping to get my hands on it to make a video review and a link to where you can get it to post on Twitter and Facebook, I also want to play it with a few friends and family members.
    I noticed the Gavin’s post @ the top of this page with the link, the article is from 2010.
    Can anyone throw this wolf a bone? if there is a bone to throw.




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