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    Nearly everyone buying a PC these days will end up with a c-media ac97 audio as 90% of onboard sound is this type… that means 90% of people can’t play this game as the sound does not work consistently with ac97
    so instead of making new GFX and other nice things for the game why not try to fix the major problem of the sound not working making the game unplayable.
    I really really love this game its excellent but i can’t play it and i have 2 brand new P4 pc’s in the house and the sound just won’t work properly on either, so what have i got to do go and by an old PC so i can with an outdated audio card …. I know the game is free and i should not complain but I like it and i wan’t to play it …. i work in a shop that builds and sells many many PC’s and the sound won’t work on any of them, they are all using the latest motherboards with sound on board i think it would be worth just thinking about fixing this and nothing else in ver 37



    I understand your starting to get on your nerves with your sound card problem, but you should avoid claiming statistics that are obviously false to support your request.

    It will only make you look an angry dumbass and refrain people from trying to solve your problem.

    Moreover, i doubt that in nowadays PCs/OSes, game developpers still have to deal with each and any different sound card brand and model. It is now all supported by intermediate layers such as OS drivers, directx, SDL…

    So i’d recommend you to write up a precise and efficient problem report describing more than just the sound card model. Then we’ll perhaps have a chance to start trying to help you.



    here’s a simple solution…


    onboard sound/video/LAN is in my opinion BAD BAD news. Usually the things are junk. You can go buy a soundblaster16 for 10 bucks at walmart and get decent sound.

    RANT: AC97 is the spawn of satan. Avance should be ripped apart and slaped with anti-idiocy legislation (i wish) untill it slips back into the bowels of hell. Don’t get me started with RealTek either…



    i’m using the genuse 5.1 sound and i cant operate the sound option it tels me that the game will work on fail safe mode…
    the problem is obviesly the sound
    i work with debian unstable



    The above topic was started for a windows user not a unix user.

    However the fix is the same, the sound is handled by two libraries called SDL and SDL_mixer.

    You can check if there are newer versions of these libraries than the ones you currently have installed. These may have better support for your sound card.

    You could also make sure that there are no other programs running that are currently using the sound card. Perhaps a sound daemon.



    don’t know why this is coming up now as i posted this in january and
    gcamp fixed it for me then.
    people should check the date of these posts
    i think that guy x0563511 was responding to very very old posts and not looking at the date



    @x0563511 wrote:

    AC97 is the spawn of satan.

    I just spent the last month writing a coupe AC97 audio drivers, and can confirm that AC97 is indeed the spawn of Satan.

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