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    I’m now recruiting for (I think) the first Scorched3D clan – Clan Deterministic Lunatics. The focus of Clan DL is deterministic weapons – i.e. weapons that have no random elements. This means we use missles and nukes a lot, as well as riot bombs. We don’t need unpredictable, wasteful, dangerous weapons such as funky bombs and diggers. It’s all about skill. So if you want to get on-board, just leave a reply here and I’ll set up a test match.

    I’ve started a clan. All I need now is a crappy web page. *grin*



    hmmm… who doesn’t use nukes alot? 🙄
    also, i thought ALL WEAPONS were dangerous 😆

    I might be interested, just e-mail me at



    Im interested. I play as X0563511.

    my emails are:

    pbransford [AT]
    x0563511 {aT}

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