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    Well In the past week or so playing I’d collect names of everyone I come across, sorta get a count of how many different ppl ive seen – so far my list including myself and 1 friend is at 45 names.

    I got to thinking – why not have a online list? Cooked up this: (please take note of the three points I make above the form)

    Its just an independent page on the site I run, (fyi – the site itself has no scorched relevence ) – Figured heck the forums would be the best place to start talking about it.

    If all who come across this post, could please simply fill out the form on that page, and you’ll be added to the list – its all automatic and is instantanious. If anything just check it out. Mention it to your freinds. The more people on the list oviously better.



    *bump* 🙄

    PS. I’m recently going to make Scorched 3d more popular in Poland. I’ve already recruited about 12 players 🙂 I’m working on a new forum (general forums – games, movies etc. mainly in polish) with Scorched 3d english and polish section.

    Cheers 🙂

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