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    Scorched3d had the Hono(u)r of being featured on a PC Tech. channel that I often watch on sat. (Tele)TV. “The Lab with Leo Laporte’ ” –See episode #69– Lots of free Tech. Files & Information offered here also.



    Cool. 8)



    Dear Mr Gavin Camp.

    We are now in the early stages of producing an adventure TV series for
    kids to be broadcasted on the kids channel on YES – the satellite services
    in Israel.

    The series will deal with one of the most relevant issues for youth today
    and actually the entire modern world – the computer, the relation between
    man and computer and the relation between the virtual world and the real
    one. As the main character is a gamer we want the games he is playing to
    become an active and major line in the plot.

    The series will be directed by Giddi Dar who directed amongst other
    films the movie “Ushpizin” and “Eddie King”.

    The show will be the channel’s lead series for the next 4 years,
    accompanied by very large exposure and a lot of PR amongst kids and
    teenagers who will identify with the cast of the show and their hobbies,
    computer games ETC.

    The shooting will begin in the end of December 2007 and will air on
    April 2008 running for 200 episodes approx.
    Movie Plus is one of the leading production companies in Israel.
    We have produced the movies “Bufor” , “Medurat Hashevet” and

    Movie Plus also produced the hit TV series “Meorav Yerushalmi” and
    currently shooting the 3rd season and many other projects.
    We are interested in broadcasting rights for your game “Scorch 3D” to be
    a part of the plot in our series, broadcast it and using it locally and

    ^^ Hopefuly another TV apearance too.



    That sounds very promising.

    I hope they put some of the show online. I’d like to see that.



    Sounds interesting indeed. Wouldn’t mind seeing some of that myself.



    Pretty cool – would be some good PR for the game.

    Interesting thing about it: They are interested in “Broadcasting rights”; so long as that doesn’t imply “exclusive rights”, I would tend to think that by the GPL they can freely broadcast anything about the game, so long as they provide reference to the GPL and the source in the credits.

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