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    Laptops Daddy

    Logo and Banner concepts so far:

    Some excellent work by KangaBunny:

    I’ve had another go here:
    This is a raster animation with alpha.
    (Please be sure to clear your cache if youve viewed the dev site previously)

    I think it works quite well. Im conscious that any new logo needs to work in the game interface as well as on the site. Thoughts?

    *I’ve done some MySQL and XML hook up stuff with that banner. There are other options – there’s a bit of a trade-off between easy changes later (without recompiling) and a smooth load. Please post with any bugs or quirks.




    mine was spinning super fast!?? Or is that intentional?



    Laptops Daddy

    intentional. i was going for a kind of instant flip thing. i thought maybe if we had it glint and catch the light? dont know.



    Thanks for your efforts….I really like the logo/banner in first set third from the top. The one with the red in it…it really jumps out. The rest are so dark colors it doesnt catch your eye.


    Laptops Daddy

    thanks for the reply, chop.

    that was gavin’s effort, which suits me perfectly. the logo is the bit im really struggling with, partly because i dont feel like it’s my place to redesign it.

    i think the latest spinning version is too much. ive been having second thoughts – it just doesnt say scorched earth.

    everything’s coming together quite smoothly other than that.

    a couple of discarded concepts here for reference:
    tank tracks background (it’s subtle – view it full size):
    just experimenting really:
    i think it’ll be too busy by the time we have a google ad, but i’ll post it here in case it’s useful for later.


    Laptops Daddy

    working note:
    the dev site forum list pages will appear to be broken while i work through some of the styling for functional stuff. (IMs, profile pages, mod control panels).

    did i ever mention that I HATE phpBB? especially adapting this old-school base template. transitional dtd’s, tables for layout. blah.

    i’ll come back and edit this when it’s done. dont report bugs for now



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    I think the glint is a great idea!



    Laptops Daddy

    the logo is one area where id rather not have autonomy, but we must reach a conclusion on this, otherwise i cant finish. all the other stuff so far is great, but i think the cartoony white bubble look is still the winner. we are more worms classic than COD, and the logo needs to say so.

    gavin, if youre cool with it, let’s go with that in translucent white with a reticle behind the O.

    it’s a 3d effect on a font called nightclub BTN. it’s not a free font, but ive looked into the copyright a bit, and the font is by an american company, so i think american copyright laws should apply. that is, we’re ok to base a logo on it without giving recognition.

    the fon’ts easy enough to find on the internet.

    more for reference:

    if we go with a target reticle, we could do something a bit animated like this:
    animated target lines
    in the banner, and have the circle bit light up or flash when the lines are in the right place? maybe randomise it a bit, set up some easing. it’s a bit of a gimmick, but it could work.



    thats a hell of a great idea! I like it!!!

    Lot better then i could do.




    Looks good. I agree that the brighter color on the sight seems to lift the image a bit.



    Perhaps you could have the target and lines move with your mouse cursor? 😈

    I like the one with the red sights also. Would the landscapes in the background be animated?




    Since Laptops and I were talking about this recently I thought I’d post some more goes at trying to update the original logo. Not sure if they have a place in the new site though


    Laptops Daddy

    there’s some nice continuity, having fire, but those yellow tones clash with the purplish grey used in the metal textures.

    i had another go too. i was wrestling some more with the upper border and that big red button. i think the button works well behind the ‘o’:
    that’s just a mockup – yet to add drop shadow to surround the video – that and the engraved text are essential. i dont know about that second red tag for an ‘online servers’ link yet.

    i cant shrink the banner height. i know the idea was that a thinner border would, but it won’t, not without redoing the bg video, and i dont think i can at the mo. (thinner border means increased video width. i can scale it, but id like to maintain the aspect ratio).

    either way, if we can come up with a working standalone logo (hopefully the attached works!), something i can do easily, which is hopefully a nice compromise, is add a simple switch to the header. click it, and the oversized banner will get replaced with something like that minimal version at the top of the attached image. i’ll add a cookie to store the setting.



    tried some path stuff in photoshop.. this is the result.. thought it would be cool to have the logo look like its melting. Used your metal texture for continuity, shoulda applied a drop shadow…

    edit** added the one i just made, bigger and better in my opinion.

    threw the last fire one in there for fun.. used online logo maker


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