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    Laptops Daddy

    ive never used or heard of fuel selections. thrax is probably better to help with that.



    o lappy LOL, I want to add towers similar to how you click for using fuel in s3d. 😆




    @Kangabunny wrote:

    o lappy LOL, I want to add towers similar to how you click for using fuel in s3d. 😆


    heh.. that’s easy, you’ve already done it in your own mods…
    The air-borne drops. We just add the flashy effects for style..
    Remember the Stormtroopers? That’s exactly what they are.. position
    dropped turrets. Almost everything you need should already exist somewhere.
    Just a matter of twisting you own style into it.



    yes i thought of that, i was going to use water to restrict where they could click via tele porting a invisible projectile.




    Couple concepts ive been mulling over lately. Pictured here are the blaze and crypt towers.

    Blaze: fires a continuous stream of flame much like the Merge flamethrower. (short range, medium damage)

    Crypt: Homing Ghosts constantly circle the tower and fly towards approaching enemies.
    (long range, poor damage,homing, chance to scare enemy back:redirects enemy 180 Degrees for a short period of time)

    more to come soon! 😈




    He’s Referring to :
    Cursed Treasure

    Never managed brilliant on every one.. but was great game.
    Personally, i liked the poisoning orc-den/Hunters myself 😈

    If you wanted the blaze’s to be more authentic,it would be heat-ray lasers..
    but flame-throwers at faster projectile speeds would suffice. 😀

    As for the circling homers.. might be hard to implement. But releasing
    homing “Worm / Spirits” in a timed fashion is easy enough.



    Aha! Good someone has played this game 😀 and it just happens to be one of the best modders out there! 😛

    Mine would be similar except, ive come up with some ideas of mine own lol, youll see 😀
    (first i need to finish/polish kwa for this version)

    but 2 more tower designs-
    pictured: Archer Den and Missile Base

    Archer Den: Fires rapid successon arrows, long range, poor damage, can attack air enemies
    (has a chance to poison or explode, line of sight firing)

    Missile Base: Launches Missiles at both air and land opponents, Deals heavy damage and long range, but lacks in reload time.

    @ thrax–

    regarding the crypt cycling:
    was thinking of using a red sphere animated constantly circling the crypt 😀 when launched they have a white projectile stream.

    YAY! 😉



    LAppy could you find time to do me a (hopefully) small favor?

    Could you write me a script in LUA that makes all the tanks on the map teleport to a projectiles collision point?

    Lets say i were to make an event where a projectile falls at a specific point on the map, then all tanks on the map would warp to at or near the same spot?
    (possibly with abit of random grouping, so i dont form a tank pile)

    Im trying to use this to solve a start map issue*




    Paging Laptop: Could you please come to the front desk 😉

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