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    Greetings to the Scorched 3D development team,

    I already wrote here months ago. Let me repeat myself.

    I collaborate with an Italian PC gaming magazine, The Games Machine (website: I take care of the Freeware section of the cover DVD, choosing meritable free games to be featured on it.
    I already chose Scorched 3D for its high qualities, but due to some problems, no freeware games have been published on the DVD for months; now, I hope to be back on track soon.
    However, this isn’t completely negative for Scorched 3D, since it kept being updated in the meantime, so the version that will eventually go on the DVD will be much better than the originally planned one.

    This time, I need some words of authorization from you, to be shown as proof that you known of the future publication of the game on the cover disc.

    Thanks and regards,

    Davide Mascolo, Sermoneta, Italy



    hey everyone!

    i think that we should give permission! i know that there may be some legal mumbo-jumbo that will have to be worked out but i think that it is a great idea and that we might find a lot more progress in the developement across all the different platforms should this go out in a gaming magazine.





    Sure thing, I think I already gave permission for the last version to be used.


    Crispy Critter

    Since it’s GPL, all that’s really needed is to include a source tarball… see the file COPYING in the source distribution.

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