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    I’ve been watching closely and it seems the popularity of Scorched 3D is climbing there. It is now the No. 2 Top Rated game in the PC games section of the site.

    Click the TOP RATED tab at the bottom to see.

    It’s also on the front page of the PC Games section.

    We’ll celebrate when it holds the top spot 😉




    *fires “DeathHead” @ SolSuite Solitaire 2007

    and destroys over 460 professional-levels of solitaire card games*


    there…….I feel better now



    I was also looking at the numbers just yesterday. For all PC games, we fell last week from 17th to 22nd in downloads for the week. Not sure what the numbers were the previous week, but the week ending the 17th there were over 10,000 downloads. Solitaire had over 17,000 (I really hate those games 😡 )

    That’s a pretty large lead. We’ll need to crack the top 10 for all poular games to beat them!

    We can do it!



    Once again it is shown how a great and enjoyable game it is! 😀
    Keep it up G! ❗

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