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    @direwolf wrote:

    Scorched 3D = The Bastard child of the mother of all games?

    Hah, I kinda like that. Take out the ‘the’ though, too formal for a bastard child. 😛

    Just curious if this topic will go any further?
    or will it stay in the closet collecting dust?

    I still wouldn’t mind a uniform… I mean a t-shirt myself. 😛

    Black, with any of those logos and a ‘’ in white on the back and I’d be happy. 😛



    Maybe instead of making shirts we can just work on a common graphic that would fit a shirt, after voting on a design post the final print, most cities and towns even small ones have screen printing for shirts, most places you dont have to even get more than one shirt, I checked here in my little hole in the wall town and we even can do it without buying more than one for less than 20 bucks!
    That way we would all have a common Scorched 3D shirt, without anyone getting financially burned on the deal, without any shipping and handling, we could then submit photos of our shirts in the forums……..

    personally I would love to have some Scorched underwear, with a mushroom cloud on the butt! 😯

    I would think maybe a print for a shirt and mousepad would be good.

    The mother of all games
    bastard son! 😈



    Ok, now this discussion has been going on for a year.. I only read the first page so if i repeat something then slap my face with a piece of wet trout.

    This game, as we all know has generated a rather large response in terms of downloads. We all know of worms and worms3d and so on. Now this game doesnt hold the features in comparison to Scorched. Worms was on sale mainly in the 90s, avaialble on most platforms and the legend continues…

    Okay its not need for speed or Halo 3 or whatever but at the end of the day that game created popularity, it was fun and addictive. Surely if Scorched gained more popularity through merchandise and advertisement campaigns, i believe it could take off the same. Like i said, no its not like your big titles but believe you and me, i spend a hell of a lot more time on here than i do on my Xbox360 since i had it.

    Every mod on scorched has been played by me even to the extent i am ranked 1 and 2 on every one and now i do enjoy mains due to the socialisation on it “if thats a real word”.

    So in response to the original post by Indy, has anyone come up with the ideas of how to pull this off… Merchandise sounds like a good start… I do believe also that Gavin could benefit a hell of a lot and then all Admin, moderators & developers and of course the players who all make what scorched is today can feel good with what they have done with it.

    Also, i did say i havent read every reply ont his topic so apologies if i’ve repeated anyone, but realistically, have any decent proposals been implented and can it happen most importantly because i believe it should too. 😛

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