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    How about

    “FUNK YOU”



    I’ve made some higher rez images of the current S3D logo, perhaps that will help. I lost the original images so they are not exactly the same.

    I think I perfer the 2nd image. Note: These are jpgs but I do have non-compressed BMPs too.



    I too like the second one. 🙂



    I like final1 or final2 the best. 3 and 4 have too much tree IMO. 😛

    Honestly though, I think they all look great and any one of them would be just lovely on a shirt. 🙂



    Final 2 kicks ass.

    It even looks better than the one that’s on the site. The one on the site looks washed out.



    as i was looking at the final2 my eyes could feel the radiation of heat ….weird huh.



    I like them, but the tree branches……..
    they just dont seem right, IMO, but would be proud as hell to be sporting a Scorched 3D shirt either way 8)



    I like final 2



    @direwolf wrote:

    I like them, but the tree branches……..
    they just dont seem right, IMO, but would be proud as hell to be sporting a Scorched 3D shirt either way 8)

    The trees were me kind of trying to fake scorch marks, I guess it works better on the low rez versions. On the higher rez its a bit more obvious. I’ve kept all of the templates I can try and find a better backing image.



    I think if you took a pic of marble and layered it with flame you might be able to get that effect, but honestly they dont look bad, just not as scorchy as the original, but I agree the old looks to faded, I will give it a go, but am a noob at photoshop, just got it 3 days ago, gotta leave 4 work, cya!

    here is a great flame backdrop, and a sample of marble, will try to do some layering tonight to see how it looks.



    BTW. I know this sucks, it is my first Photoshop experience, I was gonna trash it, but decided to share it anyway.
    wish I could find the original font you used

    Photoshop rocks, cant believe I have never tried it b4, its a far cry from MS paint!!!!



    gavin, the forest fire version (final3) was actually quite interesting, once you realize that those are burning trees, it gave a nice reality to our comittment to scorching 😀

    smokey the bear would not be happy.

    the tree look was kind a funny, I always think of black scorch like blast marks when I think of “scorching” perhaps like a cartoon of TOM and JERRY after holding dynamite.

    The flames are more cool to stare at though… so its a hard call, perhaps something that captures both?

    additional ideas.. just for thought

    real scorched earth?



    Some more trials, different texture renders. I think the 1st is like the current, but I am probably liking the 2nd one.




    With the tree pictures, I like the first one actually.

    But as the others said, once you realize it’s tree’s… it really stands out.

    I also like this one…

    This picture VS the final8 (more red) .. I prefer this one for the grey textures, looks more appealing to the eye. The realistic touch works.

    If you could somehow merge the two images togeather that would be impressive. Gimmi a couple minutes and I’ll post something.

    –Side Question: Is it just the quality your saving it in .. or why do all the images have that chunky outline of dark-grey spots? Instead of a smooth transition from text -> background ?



    8 – okay
    7 – okay (bit better than 8)
    6 – Nice
    5 – Looks like someone vomited on a pool of lava. 😉

    I’m a bit repulsed by 5, to be honest, but at the same time I like the texture. I was thinking it’s the “blues” that do it to me, so maybe adjust the colouration a bit? Example:

    (Low quality jpeg compression, btw)

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