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    Hey mates,

    I have noticed lately that the mantis bug tracker is filled only with my suggestions. If you have ideas and concerns, post them here, I can easily submit them for you if you do not have a mantis account.

    From what I gather from our conversations, Gavin is at the point where he can start considering changes and tweaks from the community.

    Think hard about things you have long wanted altered or tweaked, and post them here.

    Here is the link to the bug tracker, see whats been requested already:

    All the best,




    Thnx for the nudge, always forget about that place 😐
    Nope, my request in July is still there 🙂



    I’m still wondering about new interface and look.



    This topic has had hardly an activity since it was first introduced.

    Perhaps now would be a good time to start considering ideas for a new scorched earth. Think of it as motivational brainstorming. Motivation and participation goes a long way to success and stepping toward the future.

    I’m sure each of you has an opinion on the current state of the GAME, the often requisite and preliminary noun that draws in even more lovely new people and ideas.

    Please do not limit yourselves to the market, or prices. Think big picture, real big. UI tweaks, things you like or dislike about the current scorch, examples from other games that make a relevant point, languages, etc… Go nuts.

    Talking points are real cheap and easy, and require little effort or thought. Originality however, things concerning creativity, ideas, and solutions, are much more helpful in the long term.




    i have some ideas for the UI, where to sign up for mantis?

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