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    I’m thoroughly confused by all of the posts that have been started advertising jersey’s. Anyways, does anyone still play Scorched 3D? I recently rediscovered this game after reminiscing about the original Scorched Earth game, as fun and exciting as that was to play you would think many more people would play the updated version of a classic. Maybe it’s just a niche thing, but the thought of taking out someone by freely rotating a turret on top of a tank and controlling the power then making some crazy shot on them just seems awesome to me. If anyone does still play I would be highly interested in joining for some rounds. I’ve grown tired of the A.I. and haven’t the slightest clue on how to get into modding the game to make my own weapons / maps / map events / etc to keep it fresh.

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    By the way, the new website layout looks incredible. You get a big high-five from me in regards to that!


    The other posts are spam this seems to have died out. I still play on my computer but its my own Custom made stuff. I do use other custom made stuff by other people in it. To make custom stuff you need to have some understanding of XML. The program hasn’t even been changed in a long while.


    It has been so long and with all the junk spam I am looking to close my Forum account. Not worth it any more.



    Thanks for sharing this post.
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    Servers are usually empty these days, best chance for a game is to hang out on the botless server for a few hours, checking in to see if anyone’s joined. I doubt I’m the only one who only checks the web server for game server activity.

    I’ve not played in a while, difficult to compile on Linux these days due to old ass dependencies and a lack of worthwhile opponents means it’s not worth running a VM or dual boot.

    Good luck though, hope you find some nostalgic enjoyment 🙂

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