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    well, Scorch is open source….so if someone is dumb enough to pay for it instead of downloading…once they get in here they’ll be po’ed.

    only thing I see they’re getting a disc. I sell a fair amount on eBay, I’ll contact the wieners and ask them what’s up?

    OOOOK. Figured I’d contact the ones in uS and lo and behold they say they’re in PeanutLand. What’s more they say their disc is “copyrighted”. Whoa….what’s up with that? I sent them a message and asked them to explain how they do that to a free, open source game.

    I’ll post response. Dang Brits…always trying to work an angle.




    Been discussed:


    In summary, it comes with the territory of being ‘open source’. If it helps brings players and those players enjoy it, everyone wins (just some had to pay)



    First response:

    “Thank you for your interest. The disc contains some of our own designs and software. We have not copyrighted the actual Scorched 3D game only our own software.
    Best wishes

    – mtsoftwaresolutions ”

    To which I replied:

    sounds like you added some things, what would that be. Does it make the game more exciting.
    Maybe a “cheat” or two? Better tank designs or better weapons? How has it been modded?

    This might get good. They have a whole list of games they’re selling



    If they’ve modified the source code then they’re required to submit those revisions back to the source. That’s how the GNU GPL works. Free to use, free to distribute but any changes (for better or worse) must be submitted back to the source. It’s a wonderful license, truly helps innovation and improvement, unlike stupid patents and copyrights.

    If they’ve added stuff that’s completely separate, then there’s no issue.

    P.S. My knowledge in this area is only what I’ve read/seen hear and there, I’ve ‘checked’ very little of this information and therefore may be completely inaccurate.



    Never heard anything else from these weiners.
    Not that I thought I would…

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