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    Having failed in my attempts to make 1024 x 1024 maps the defacto
    standard, please consider the same idea from a more game friendly

    By tieing the collison areas to the model size and breaking these out
    of the display file, modders could use a scale attribute to downsize
    all tanks and models so that a large playfield could be designed on
    small size height maps and huge playfields could be designed for
    standard size maps (256 x 256).

    Note : This option should also scale the fire power to match the reduction
    in tank and model sizes.

    For Apocalypes fans :

    Several large cities on a standard size field. Nuclear plants scattered about
    the countryside and factories to be found most everywhere. All fitting
    nicely on a map that displays as you expect.

    [attachment=0:35arj2qd]Toatal Carnage -1.JPG[/attachment:35arj2qd]

    Imagine the fun, the excitment, the CARNAGE !



    Oooops, I forgot a critical point :

    A map specific scaling factor could be
    very useful in promoting shooting by eye.

    Recent Edit :

    By allowing the scaling value to be preset for each round (map) or
    randomly set within a range, this technique could prove especially
    effective if combined with round specific gravity and round specific
    atmospheric density.

    On gravity, more gravity than currently available along with smaller
    increments of change provides a much wider range of possibilities.

    Atmospheric density (along the same lines as the gravity) might
    be an effcient way to change the drag coefficient for each map.

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