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    I just cannot hold back, I really think it sad when the player ranked number 1 has to dirt himself to keep from losing? I joined in the 6th round with only Chutes, killed the bot that was very near him, then popped this guys shield using baby missles after he is firing hogs at me! 😥 and this is the Number 1 Player? then covers himself with dirt to escape the wrath of my baby missle? [-X you should hide in the sand!
    If this is considered talking trash I do appologize, I just miss the days of old with champions like Wowbagger who would take you out with skill, and some of the most insane shots I have ever seen, and never, I mean never would he dirt himself just to keep from losing rank.
    If you were just playing around I understand, but if that was a serious effort at playing, I cannot wait untill the next stats reset, Cuz I am gonna make you start earning that rank =D>
    I am sorry if this post is in bad taste, I just do not see many people playing anymore, and was a little excited about seeing someone on the server, especially the Number 1 Player , when he turned his shield on after I just joined in the 6th round, I decided ok no prob, when he fired hogs against my baby missles I decided ok no prob, after I hit his shield twice and popped it the next round he dirted himself I decided……… I would rather play the freakin bot!
    I know some people might disagree with me and say it is a strategy, I say it is rubbish unless you are just having fun with friends or blocking a funky bomb.
    Good way to get new players to join, dirt yourself so they cant kill you, I am sure that will fill the servers up real quick!
    I just expected a little more out of the #1 ranked player.
    My rant is now over, I have said my peace.
    Dire 😈



    This happens now that the ‘Main’ servers rewards and skill points were reverted
    from the way we’d earlier asked me to adjust them to.
    Back then, before the admin reshuffle, a round-win reward was almost zero,
    and a kill gained true skill points. Since then, it’s reverted back to the
    ‘whoever survives first 2 rounds is guaranteed to win”

    For balanced rewards and skilled honest players, most seem to be directing
    thier efforts into a different server. Dirt isn’t taboo, but it’s also not a very
    lasting defence either.

    It’s your choice to either request a responsable re-adjusting of the ‘mains’
    settings, or join in where everyone seems to have fun and learn new tricks
    every visit.



    Yea, Naked’s a sad case. Check his stats for WHY he’s the No.1 ranked play.
    Off the top of my head, of the 1600 kills he has, 1400 of them are the bot (and now that the bot has a low rank, noone else can get any skill off it)!

    It’s the dirters that drove me away from the game, when gamesmanship is more popular than sportmanship, things start to fall apart.



    Well I cant blame him for taking advantage of the system.. but..

    Dirt is part of the original game.. I never played but have seen many youtube videos. Perhaps give each player a complimentary digger? Maybe even limit the number of dirt weapons they may use. Im not sure.. it seems scoring is the real problem here, not the weapons. (though very limited.):P

    How was scoring calculated in the original game? To me it seems minor deviations have been made from the original, with weapons like plasma blast being left out which would help in this situation since theyre only covered by dirt..

    Was looking at older versions and notice explosions had effect on water, just like in real life.. I think Gavins going to put that back in.. WOOT!

    Heres a critique of the original games economics .. i didnt write this

    Personally I think main just lacks players. Bots are nice, but I think that they need to be scaled by player skill rather than rank. If a bot notices your rank 1 I think a nuke or likewise should be the preffered loadout.. and the bot would be worth a certain amount of points in relation to that player that killed it, not by rank. Theese are very complex things to do in terms of coding. Give Gavin some time and im sure he will work it out.

    –Put on Admin Hat–

    For now Admins do NOT have power, they cannot change server settings yet. Gavin has been busy as of late and hasnt had ample time to set up accounts for them. Please log your complaints and they will be reviewd shortly Im sure. Loke recently brought up a few good ideas in the admin conversations weve been having regarding mains and begginners, we have yet to go public as some of the ideas are not yet fully developed and we wish to offer players only the best.



    (P.S. Dire I too hate dirting, hogs, lasers and such, but I have come to realize its just a game. Im not so much a stats junkie, as I am a person who relishes killing everyone on the map and making them poor the whole game. I like nothing better when a noob has to ask if Im done yet. 😛 Generally I only go hard on noobs for one game.. unless I really dislike them.

    Skill is where its at, not rank. You dont come here to talk to the stats tables. (well maybe you do… and are just wierd like that.. dunno whatever floats your boat i guess.) When you trash talk you dont talk about the amount of skill you have obtained as any idiot who spends days in the server can obtain, its wether or not you can hit them that talks.

    I have played Naked before and he has lost some, which is why he wont play me anymore, or only if i join late. I dont really care either way, but I can see where your coming from. Just have an extra nuke or two in your inventory when you engage him… if you cant hit im in one shot.. practice practice practice on that damn worthless bot and prove you can kill im.



    I dont mind dirting, I can deal with that, what bothers me is the morality of the situation, a person just joining in the 6th round against someone who has been in the game since round 1, knowing the person has nothing but maybe chutes, to use a shield and hogs was a bit overkill, I can deal with that, the dirting to save yourself against someone with baby missles, now that was lame!
    my point is, do you like playing this game? would you like to see more players on the servers? it is of my opinion that if a newbie comes along and decides to try the game and gets treated like that, he most likely will say screw this!
    this is not about dirting, this is about common sense! if there are no players, my guess is Gavin might decide to end all this and move on due to lack of interest, that would be a sad day!
    I look around and see empty servers, it didnt used to be this way, this was probably one of the funnest games I have played, part of the reason is the game is cool, the other part is the players, if all you are worried about is rank, and doing anything you can to keep it, IMHO it is selfish, we dont have to pay for the game, we dont have to pay to play the game on Gavins servers, the game is updated to keep up with tech specs, and ideas players have posted in the forums are taken into consideration and sometimes used! =P~ So this game has given us a hell of a lot, and maybe some of us should maybe try and give a little back to the game instead of taking.
    What good is rank if there is not anyone playing.

    I am not mad, but as I said before, I would rather play with Jezebel than someone who is only out for rank, takes the fun out of it, I can remember getting my arse whooped, and grinning from ear to ear because I had so much fun.



    Direwolf I agree with you completely, but I am afraid controlling player behavior may lead to seasoned players leaving as well. I know Thrax has some pretty understanding players when it comes to noobs, but we cannot force people to be polite. Thats what Boy wanted to do and quite frankly it did not work, we actually lost a couple seasoned players because of it. (some still hide in other servers sadly.) I have seen some venture forth recently and would not like to risk losing them again because of a selfish player on Main.

    The only advice I can give as an admin is to play in main as often as you can to counteract those selfish and rude stat seeking players, if you cant beat em, then distract them from noobs or make them work hard for their rank. I could even ask Naked to politely deter from killing noobs so fast if you wish.

    If you want a polite carefree game, hit up Merge mod, youll find many humerous and kind spirits there willing to play a friendly round while engaging you in dialogue and kinsmanship.

    Sorry I cannot be of further assistance Dire, since we both share the same view, but I simply cannot reprimand a player for seeking his or her own ends statwise, but I can encourage you to engage those players constantly and attempt to foil their rise to top positions.

    One legal way to counter theese uber stat fanatics is to somehow misplacer your old player ID and create a new player ID while saving your old one. So that when you kill said players they will lose more skill with each death, you need not tell them who you really are, just relish in the fact that you made them kill bots for three days from a couple of simple kills.

    For now that is the only solution I can offer you, It is sneaky, mischevious, and selfish, but it is perfectly legal.

    Take Care and have fun.



    Oh I would not suggest controlling behavior, I am suggesting people consider their behavior and the effect it might have on new players, if #1 thinks different than I it is his right as a player of this game, I just know how I felt, as someone who has played before, I am not suggesting that he is a bad person, or broke any rules, or anything like that, only for him to consider how that might cause new players to not even give the game a chance.

    I even look forward to playing him again, only this time from round 1 👿
    I am rusty, but I havent forgot how to play! 😛



    Stats to be disabled, he plays only for points. I don’t like playing with Naked, he’s not only one… (may be this is Rommel). He cannot shoot, he always tries to hog you, when he gets to know he cannot compete with you he leaves the game. This sux. Another reason for the game has become unpopular.




    Hello Everyone,

    First of all I would to say it’s refreshing to walk outside after a shower when your pores are still open. Spring has sprung!

    I hear your frustration. It’s not eazy to play with someone who plays soley for rank. Someone willing to use everything at his disposal to not lose points. Lately, many players have elected to flee at the first sight of dirt or hogs. It’s ok, I understand. Last stats series I fled a few times due to the massive point loss of a low ranking player killing me. So you won’t hear any blubbering from me if you choose to leave, I might do the same sometime.

    People should be less concerned with what I’m doing and more concerned about their own tactics. Knowing I will hog and dirt should be an advantage to you, not give you cause to get your panties in a bunch.

    The only “rude” players are the ones who cuss. Thank you for not being one of them, Dire. Next time, maybe you can get film of me resigning just before rollers kill me, I like watching it.

    Smurfs only do damage if I let them. I’m aware that some players smurf. So far it hasn’t done any good. It’s a bit un-admin like of you to suggest people smurf me, don’t ya think Armor?

    When there are ten players playing, dirt and hogs aren’t noticed as much. When two players play, it’s a bigger deal. I don’t know what you want to hear, a box of tissues might be in order. Next time I’m at the store, I’ll pick some up for everyone.

    It brings a smile to my face seeing all this outpouring of support. Going for an unprecedented third stats win isn’t eazy, especially when many players don’t get enough bran in their diet. Comments, such as the ones I’ve read here, only serve to strengthen my resolve.

    I will continue to dirt, hog, resign as I see fit, please try not to take it personally. There is no malice here, just a goal.

    Horseback Riding and Ice Cream,




    Seems the Thread title was very apt, which is suprising as he’s only known you for a couple of rounds of scorched!



    Well Naked theres not much I can do to stop a fanatic, no matter how rude. I admire your love of scorched, but its not what your saying its how your saying it.

    Suggesting Smurfing to those ailed by a stats junkie is not un-admin-like its just rude. 🙂

    If you can play the system, so can they 🙂

    There are no harsh feelings here, I know many rude players *cough cough hack* I dont let them bug me too much, and come to enjoy them on some days. Have fun! 🙂




    Dire please don’t not play because of dirt.
    Dirting has been a issue in the past as you know. one group says “its there so I use it”….another group says…”real men don’t dirt”

    Theres no doubt which side I’m on……DIRT SUX, yeah its legal….but as you point out….not quite in the spirit of those that play the game for the fun and skills it can bring.

    I always try to keep a major wep around for the dirt weiners.
    I do remember the day a dirter was met with a rain of nukes hogs and heavy rollers until he realized his behavior was frowned on by the other players.

    Please, stay and help bring the game back to those that love to play the game with a like minded group of people.
    We need you , Peanut and the youngsters like KB (AW) in the game.

    Man i wish it was in my power to abolish the dirt…..I would do it in a skinny second. Its been the cause of more hate, discontent and stress in this game than I care to remember.

    Hell one night me and another player (i’ll keep him unamed) practiced dirting and killing the dirter so we could DESTROY a certain habitual dirter (also Ill keep unnamed) and ultimately he got the hint and he isn’t here any more . Unfortunately it was too late and we had already lost a huge number of players due to his behavior. Ive said enough…..many can probably guess who it was.

    Guys I love this game and the opportunity it has given me to meet, drink and joke with people from around the world.
    THATS what its all about…..not rank.

    Naked…..reflect on this….try some Missle chute and batt games. Fun rewarding and skill building.

    See everyone on main! =D>



    @chopper wrote:

    Dire please don’t not play because of dirt.
    Dirting has been a issue in the past as you know. one group says “its there so I use it”….another group says…”real men don’t dirt”

    Oh I am here for awhile, dirt is dirt, no probs, tactics, no probs, I am cool with whatever, I look forward to takin this guy out before he has a chance to quit, cover with dirt, or whatever defensive tactic he can employ, I am on vacation 43 through 411, looking forward to showing this guy some old school Scorched, been talkin to a few friends about playing again also, time to start earning that rank soon [-X

    And a big thank you to whoever took Jezebel off duty, I am sure she appreciates it :mrgreen:

    I can also film without all the freezing and such, looking forward to getting some good clips, anyhoo…. thanx Chop, as long as I can afford internet, I have a system capable of playing, and an understanding girlfriend ( I have still yet to find 1 🙁 ) I will be playing.



    @direwolf wrote:

    …… as long as I can afford internet, I have a system capable of playing, and an understanding girlfriend ( I have still yet to find 1 🙁 ) I will be playing.

    Welcome back DireWolf…..
    Fire up that cam and lets get rollin’
    =D> =D> =D>




    Naked…..reflect on this….try some Missle chute and batt games. Fun rewarding and skill building.

    I have reflected on this.

    If there were permanent noteworthy stats to go along with it, I might give it a try.

    *I would consider the MCB stats server noteworthy if the rankings were posted in the online game stats.*

    Toilet seats and Hacky Sacks,


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