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    A Moogle

    Like the title says, Scorched won’t recognize any mods.

    It WILL recognize the apocalypse(spelling?) mod, but nothing else.
    And yes, I am putting the mods into the .scorched3d/mods folder.

    On a similar note, I have a model of a ghost that doesn’t work.



    Err, mods do work. Other people (not just apoc) have mods.

    Just make sure the directory structure is correct. It should be

    Also if you want your mod available for single player games you will need to create a singlegames.xml file in this directory. This file specifies which game modes will be displayed in the scorched3d menus. Have a look at the apoc one for an example.



    I was putting the files in the wrong place, sorry…

    I re-read the docs that came with the shockmod and figured out what I was doing wrong.

    But my Ghost, and several other models, still do not work.

    PS: I was talking about the shock and raptor mods.


    A Moogle

    Whoops, forgot to log in 😯



    i’ve got that too. i have the merge mod,only apoc shows up,and i tried everything! yes,EVERYTHING!

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