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    I tried setting up Win2K Pro on my ThinkPad the other day, from scratch, using the latest drivers from IBM’s web site and installing all the updates from Windows Update. I then fired up S3D, and found it had real problems that I can’t solve with any display option settings. In particular, it will crash hard, requiring a power-cycle to recover. If I don’t turn off tank skins, it will often crash during the tank selection dialog; if I do turn them off, it’s playable for a while, but then garbage eventually appeared on the screen in between rounds, and it finally crashed hard during a round transition. Weapons don’t look right in the display, with nose cones coming up invisible, and nukes appear white. The terrain in the wind direction display comes up as a ghostly light blue, occasionally flickering into proper color. Funky bomblets appear as white blocks. Apparently, the Savage IX drivers on Win2K suck. The only thing I haven’t yet tried is to run at lower resolution.

    Even though I imaged the Win98 recovery partition before wiping the disk, and made a recovery repair floppy, i’ve had no luck reverting back to 98, so it looks like the Win2K install was a one-way trip. I’m guessing that the partition had to be on a specific cylinder, which I didn’t write down. 🙁

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