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    I know the Official Scorched Server is a public server and in no way could any rules be applied to gameplay and that if anyone wants a rules game the can start there own server, but lately a handful of us hardcore scorchers like to play a MCB (missiles, chutes,batteries) Game.

    It works great when theres 4 or 5 players but when the room starts to fill up then it gets a little tricky.

    I would like to hear any comments from the players on there thoughts about this topic.



    Wow you know my opinion about that, and I allways agree to make some lil rules when we are few players 🙂

    However, sometimes it gets hard, but you and me, went ever for the voting plan. 😛

    Just raise hands up in the air 😛



    I’m not necessarily a big fan of having “game rules”, but I’ll willingly agree when there’s only 2 or 3 of us. (And sometimes even suggest it, but usually only when it’s a 1v1 game)

    I voted “Yes”, they should be allowed. Here’s why: The last thing we need is another rule to enforce in this game. As you said, it’s a public server, and being so, people should be allowed to do pretty much what they want. (There are some limits to this of course).

    One thing I’d really like to say about having “game rules”: If you make or propose game rules and someone does not wish to play by those “rules”, they should have that choice without worrying about being treated like a poophead. Also, if someone new joins the game, you must ask them, and guess what, it’s their choice. A few times I’ve joined a game in round 5 or so, played a round, bought shields, then got told I’m not allowed to use them. That was really great – I had spent over 10k on something that I didn’t know was taboo. On one occasion, when the next game started it was proposed to have “no shields or funkies” or whatever, and numerous people didn’t reply at all to the proposal, and I said “No thanks”, then got blasted for using a shield. Maybe I should have bought dirt then. 😉

    To summarize: Having game rules can be lots of fun, but trying to have even a simple “rule” like “Isle vs. Isle” when there are more than 5 or so players often does not work.

    Also, please, oh PLEASE, don’t make more rules that need to be “policed”. More rules will result in more rules being broken.




    Well, I voted for #1, and then I tried to vote for #4, but was foiled. I think these ballots are rigged. I demand a recount! Make that a Florida recount!

    Anyway, while calling Wow an “idiot” may be a bit strong, he certainly can be annoying, particularly when he’s whooping my butt. But aside from that, and his deserving of a lifetime ban, he’s a pretty OK dude. What? Wrong discussion topic? My bad…

    I still stand by my post from the “Bots first” thread
    @ebonite² wrote:

    It has generally been agreed that if all players on a server agree to a particular rule set, that rule set is in play UNTIL either a player joins that does not agree to the rule set, OR one of the agreeing players changes his mind. Once one of those conditions are met, then all gloves are off for everybody. No one has any right to complain about player X breaking the “rules”. Nor can one complain about a newly joining player not playing the “rules” if the “rules” have not been presented to them.



    I have to say yes, there can be “Rules Game” untill I find someone I really need to blowup.



    Being both for and against rule’d games, and knowing both the pro’s and con’s of enforcing one… I still have to go to my basic choice of #1.

    It’s impossible to say “no rules is the rule” because if 3-4 are gaming and agree how they play, thats how they will play end of story. Likewise there is no right to say players must play a certain way.

    And for the record IMO the only condition where “total agreement” applies is that litterly every person is asked and verbally responces with a yes. It’s like my responce to truces, no responce == no.

    So when it comes to people wanting rules without total agreement I’d have to say they need to find a different server.



    As soon as it gets over 4 players, it gets to be a headache to remind every newcomer… I’m trying to PLAY, and remembering to remind everyone and get actual acknowledgement is a pain… I’ve missed shots because I was too busy trying to warn the newcomers of the variant/rules. Worse, there are a number of non-english players that don’t understand when you mention rules to them.

    Plus there are the times when one of us wigs out and doesn’t realzie that we’re playing rules, or forgets (I did that tonight and “punished” myself by shooting myself the following round).

    It’d be nice as a game feature to admin-toggle specific sets of rules or variants into place for a game and lock it in… but that’s such a difficult potential request that I don’t know that we’ll ever see that from gcamp.

    I LOVE the MCB variant, (does it make me hardcore? Do the printed matrixes of ranges and power/elevations?), but I think that we’re going to have to live with the fact that we can’t always get to play it, especially when there are large numbers of people around or quick-joiners that won’t catch/understand the announcement.

    Having a seperate server holds no interest for me, as that dilutes the player pool too much.



    I’ll have to say, simple, that I voted for #1.



    all i can say is,


    i think we need to get a few more good games going over there, perhaps a good stats race, yes there is a bot, but I can have him “removed” and for those that dont know, the bot leaves after player 2 joins so you can get a good duel going.

    that last game we had with 9 good players was great fun, and a good challenge, i remember blowing the game totally and Kid Chaos winning on the last shot. It was a great fight.



    i have this to say on rules games: That if all parties involed are for a certian way of play (like MCB) then more power to them 😆 However if a new player joins, is told the ‘rules’ as they are, & decideds not to play by them then it should go back to anything goes 😈 or the previous players can choose to contiune their way of play & let ‘new guy’ play the way he wants 💡

    also i wanted to vote for #s 1 & 4 but, like Ebo, was unalbe to 😡 no offence WOW 😉



    I’m a huge fan of MCB, which really stands for My Cinni Bar, or is it Mighty Conquering Barnabas?

    So I agree with the ever-laconic (or ever-quoting-himself) ebo.

    Rules are rules until someone doesn’t agree. And that’s okay.

    Mighty Conquering Barnabas



    Most Cbxing Bastage



    It appears to be unanimous so far.



    It’d be nice as a game feature to admin-toggle specific sets of rules or variants into place for a game and lock it in… but that’s such a difficult potential request that I don’t know that we’ll ever see that from gcamp.

    Interesting idea, if server hosts ever (if servers ever become wide spread and not just 5-6 “groups” [official, apoc, shock, raptor, panther, … thats all I can think of at the moment] ) and the hosters wanted to quick switch things up occasionally, it could come in handy.

    However the only alternate rout, as BOY hinted, is a different server designed for those rules.



    @willis wrote:

    However the only alternate rout, as BOY hinted, is a different server designed for those rules.

    Unfortunately, then you have two seperate sets of stats, and there’s the difficulty of getting people to show up and play the games, because they’ll just go to main anyway.

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