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    What I’d do is install whatever Linux distro you like, but without Gnome or KDE. Use a lightweight window manager like FVWM or WindowMaker or something and it’ll be fine for web browsing etc.

    Regarding getting them online – more details than “can’t get them online” would be helpful. 😛

    Glad to hear you got the router working better. 🙂



    I just had the same problem with a linksys B wirelessrouter, replaced the firmware and one hour later I was offline again, so I went and got a Wireless G Linksys and everything is good again. 69 dollars later! 😕

    Also anyone upgrading your video card make sure your power supply can handle it, I did’nt pay attention and lost my power supply and my ATI 1600 512mb Radeon pro 😯 which I also replaced today with an ATI 1650, 149 dollars later!
    to some people this might be obvious, but…….
    those who dont know! MAKE SURE YOUR POWER SUPPLY CAN HANDLE IT! ❗
    I never had the problem before, every 3d card I have owned in the last 6 years is still running except this one. 😉

    The warning about having atleast a 350 watt power supply was this small

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