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    The Mighty Muha

    In the new version, rollers seem to have a hitbox that is much larger then the roller itself. This means that a roller fired at a tank doesn’t have to directly hit the tank in order to explode. Evidently the hitbox is so large that rollers explode on contact with a small shield.
    The way I see it this is highly detrimental to gameplay as one does not need to hit a tank directly, the “general vicinity” suffices,

    On another note, when the new rollers roll over the landscape they behave like bouncy balls. Not to serious in itself really, it just looks funny 🙂

    Anyway, is this behavior intentional?



    Both behaviours are intentional.

    However if the hit box is too large the ballance of the weapon could be changed. The hit box is currently a 3 unit sphere around the tanks.


    The Mighty Muha

    I just played a game of Apoc, and, because the force shields there have a much smaller radius than in the vanilla game, rollers are actually quite effective at taking the shield out, as they explode on contact. Is there any way to contact Bobirov about this?



    So it appears that if we want a shield to not detonate the rollers, just
    make them over size-3 or make them strong enough to stand the blast.

    Bob’s micro-shield ideas would still work.. he’d just have to increase thier
    defence power a tad.



    Increased the minimum size of the shields to 4.5 so the rollers don’t hit the player collision space. Still happens some though, but its a lot better than happening all the time like it does with shield size 3.0. 😉



    going on ten years for this topic!

    Can someone who knows models and codes help me with an old question.

    It has always been my understanding that the projectile functions to explode when it makes contact with the 3D surface of any part of the landscape, or the tank model, or, an object, such as a tree or building, or, the boundary (which is why turning off trees can be hazardous).

    Or does the projectile model actually pass through the tank model in any way? Does it only make contact with this “hit box”.

    I had in mind that with rollers it worked that the roller does not explode on contact with anything, it explodes when it is within a certain proximity to the tank center – a calculated area called the “hit box”.

    Have I got this wrong?

    If I am wrong then there is no advantage to using a smaller tank to avoid projectile contact. As it is, I will continue to use smaller tanks so that the projectiles will miss more often.

    But if I understand gavin corretly, the hit box cannot be too small or the rollers will roll off the tank model and not explode, because the tank model will be like a large shield to the roller. In the same way the shields, if large enough, cause the rollers to roll off.

    And just to make sure, if I’m correct on the projectile part, then a large tank model would cause the projectile to explode, but if it is large enough then the radious of the projectile explosion will not reach the center of the tank and therefore the projectile will do no damage.



    No projectiles explode on contact with a 3d surface.
    They explode on contact with a bounding box or sphere.

    All tanks have the same bounding box regardless of model size. No model is ever larger than the actual bounding box unless specified manually via the console via the tank size command.

    Just aim for the center of every tank, you have the same chance regardless of model.

    The image below is the actual engine rendered area for impact. As you can see even event models like trees, parachute packs, stage hazards etc all have their own bounding boxes and spheres.




    Cool. LoOks like I was a tad out of touch, bad memory module. Thanks!

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