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    Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 8:43 pm Post subject: Re: Mods compatible with v40?

    muzzleflash wrote:
    Hi i played scorched3d for a long time now, And think it is one of the best
    freeware game (if not the best) . But I have only played offline because I
    don’t have access to internet that much. And I just joined this forum. I
    saw the new v40 release of s3d. It has a new version of apocalypse for
    v40.. And I visited the new “Mods of Scorched3d” site, and downloaded
    Toybox also for v40. And I noticed that all the other mods especially
    shockmod was only compatibly with 39.1. So I would like to ask you
    modmakers if you will release a version compatible with the new
    scorched3d . I tried to make the modfile.xml myself.. But I ran into some
    problems when tried to run them ….

    How considerate, but please let us release our own mods instead of
    altering them for us.

    Yes, most of us Mod-Makers do plan to convert our work, however it’s not
    a one-button fix.
    Depending on the new Scorched engine’s abilities, limits, and code
    changes, some things may take a few weeks or longer.

    Of the ones that I host, Stone-Age, LaserMod, and Rollermod are 90%
    already Converted and Functional. I am only waiting for a few corrections
    in the Scorched Release to become available, so these mods can be
    propperly enjoyed.

    Can the original author of RollerMod, Danial Bowman, Please contact me?

    Brain-Damage reminded me that even though it was given to me to
    host permanantly, am not the mod’s author.
    I should ask permission before changing your mod for the next release.

    I want to know if i should upgrade this mod for v40.1, or let it vanish.



    You still have this mod thrax?



    @Kangabunny wrote:

    You still have this mod thrax?

    Yes. It’s in my archive of V40 mods, it never continued past that era. Most
    of it’s contents were imported from other mods, with a few simpler models
    thrown in. I can pass it to you later if you like. it’s only 1.8mb.

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