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    For the upcoming next version of Scorched3D, I figured out a weapon, which could solve several problems, and features new ways of battle. It’s called the Soul Cube.

    The story of the Soul Cube:

    Scientist proved that many many years ago, there was intelligent life on Mars. The ancient people looked like us, and they had a far better kind of civilization, they were strong, and highly organized. But one day, when their technology reached the real knowing of teleportation, something happened. The portals opened up by themselves, transporting hideous,demonic life-forms from a dimension unknown. The martian people was desperately tried to parry, but the hordes of those unknown force grew stronger and stronger. As a last chance, they have constructed the artifact, what we know as the “Soul Cube”. Once it has been done, they committed a surprising, and terrific deed: They have sacrificed their whole society to fulfill the Soul Cube, and make it work. The Soul Cube was carried by the mightiest warrior, and with its help, they managed to defeat the gigantic hordes of demons, and close the portals before the final judgement. They achieved victory, but it costs them to their civilization. Their whole mankind have collapsed, and slowly exctint. The Soul Cube is lost, it looked like forever. Now it’s up to Gavin Camp to find it, and give it to the mightiest warriors all the time at the unknown islands in the land of eternal weirdness.

    The features of the Soul Cube:

    You heard the short epic story of the Soul Cube. Now let’s see how can it work. I planned the followings:

    – Once you purchased the Soul Cube, there is no need to buy it again. As long as the 10 or 7 (or more/less) round lasts, you will have the Soul Cube.

    – After you killed 3 (4, 5, I suggest a poll for this) players, the Soul Cube charges up with the souls of the victims, and can be launched to any player within YOUR MAXIMUM SHOOTING RANGE.

    – The Soul Cube would be the only weapon which has guidance. So there is no need to make such things as “Heat guidance” or “Horiz-Bal” guidance etc. This would act like the “Lazy boy” in the old Scorched Earth. Remember? It would moves quickly on the ground, and automatically finds the marked tank. Yes. You will need to choose a target for the Soul Cube first.

    – Since the Soul Cube could automatically engage a tank, this would be great as a last resort, when somebody is really on you. You may charge it at the beginning, and use it when really necessary. So if you have a Soul Cube charged to full potential, it mustn’t be emptied when a round ends.

    – The Soul Cube would give you a call, when it’s charged up. It could be heard by all the players to know somebody has a Soul Cube fully recharged. I could make the sound effects for the Soul Cube, so there is no need for Gavin to make’em.

    – Once the Soul Cube is on its target, it starts to drain the soul out of the player. It would drain 100% from anything. For example: If player “Delta Guard 495c” has 100% power and 75% shield, after a Soul Cube attack, “Delta Guard 945c” still would have 75% power.

    – The Soul Cube makes no difference among various types of shields. I heard lots of players had problems how to deal with Force Shields. The Soul Cube would solve their problem. If you want to trick the Soul Cube, you could use a MAGGY mag first, if you know very well that somebody has a Soul Cube. The Soul Cube will drain the MAGGY mag, and you still have your Force shields. The owner of the Soul Cube will have to charge up it again.

    – Water or steep cliffsides doesn’t mean a problem to the Soul Cube, but note that you can use it on players which are in your maximum shooting range. So with only 10% power, don’t count on the Soul Cube, it won’t work.

    – If you use the Soul Cube to have one player’s soul, it wouldn’t count
    as 1 soul for the next recharge.

    – Another thing which could be great: If you’re wounded, using the Soul Cube on an opponent could heal you with as many life percentage as the opponent had before the Soul Cube swallowed his soul. Of course, the maximum power couldn’t be exceeded.

    What the hell is this soul-stuff?

    Easy. So many things have changed since the old Scorched Earth. There is an online stats, which you can see your victims and your killers by name. So it’s more fun and more fascinating to distinguish the players as “souls” not only numbers in a statistic.

    You are going to burn in hell forever.

    God, I hope so. I couldn’t stand another hour of peaceful contemplation accompanied by insipid harp playing. But there isn’t any part of the Bible that has anything to say about such Soul Cube-thing.

    Are you some kind of soul-fetish or wtf???

    No. I told you about this distinguish of players = souls earlier.

    Newbies will always use this Soul Cube to win

    This might not happen, since newbies have problems to take kills. Even a Funky bomb can miss (I encountered this several times), so don’t count on that the newbies will harvest all the glory, and win with the Soul Cube. You’ll need to earn some kills as well, as I seen, a game is always over before a newbie could reach the 3 kills.
    Another thing: If somebody buys a Soul Cube, he can’t buy something else, like Funky bomb, Force shield etc.
    For professionals, a Soul Cube can be a real life-saving device as I told you earlier. Especially when 3 players hammer on one professional (I encountered this at Apollo Tangent and the Funkinator).

    I still say this is a dumb idea!

    Well, it might sounds dumb, but you’ll find it useful, if Gavin could do this for the next version. In fact, it’s not dumber than a Teleport or Cloaking device. So there :PPPP

    I’m in a winning position, and somebody gets my soul!

    I know, it’s annoying, but it can be done with a Funky bomb, too. And usually, the Funky bomb provides you 1 or more kills as well. The Soul Cube is only an easier way. (not to mention Death’s Head)

    Someone will start to cheat with the Soul Cube, I fear.

    How? Unlike Funky bombs, you can have only ONE.

    So that’s it for now. I hope you could do something with this Soul Cube, as you see, it would solve several “problems” to any kind of players, from newbies to professionals. These were my suggestions. I think it’s much easier than constructing a cloaking device or etc. I would be most graceful if Gavin would say “yes”.

    Finally, here is a picture of the Soul Cube.



    And why stop there? We could put in a chainsaw, a cyberdemon, and some lost souls!



    I really think this could be a very useful weapon apart from jokes.



    Sorry man, I meant no offense but I just couldn’t pass that opportunitiy up.

    On a more serious note, it’s a very creative idea, however it seems more advanced than Scorched is capable of right now.



    No problem 🙂 I just think this would be a nice idea. I know it’s from Doom 3, but hell, the Teleport is from Worms, what some of the people requested 🙂 In fact,this is a freeware game 🙂

    I know, this guidanced effect is a bit hard, but if Gavin did such great job with Roller movements, he could use the same to move the Soul Cube around the battlefield. The rest of the effects can be done by numbers 🙂
    It’s really not that hard 🙂



    Besides sounding overly complex for not only programming but gameplay – there is the whole “Scorched” theme that keeps applied thoughout all weapons and features used. Maybe ApocHQ but not the official servers.

    But then again that just comes down to programming the abilities and characteristics – and leave it up to the end users to combine these abilities into an actual weapon.




    Sounds creative yeah. But it’d need to be thought through properly. It could also become too powerful. Three kills does seem a bit of a small price for such a shot. 5 kills does sound better. Good players often rack up over 10 kills throughout a game. It might turn the game a bit too much in favor of the skilled players if it’s too few kills..
    Another idea I just came up with, which I think you’ll like, Reactor. Make the Soul Cube variable in strength. You could make it so the damage drained by the Cube is directly proportional to the number of souls contained in it. For instance, 1 kill = 10 damage, 2 kills = 20 damage and so on.
    Or maybe exponential:
    1 kill = 5 damage, 2 kills = 10 damage, 3 kills = 20 damage, 4 kills = 40 damage, 5 kills = 80 damage, or some such thing.
    In the last case, it might become too powerful with too few kills again (too great advantage for “teh skilled ones”), but it’s variable.

    Nice idea. But of course, if ever implemented, it should be weighed so that skilled players wont get too much of an advantage or the opposite 😉



    You gave me real good advices,Shark 🙂 The skilled players can obtain several souls, especially with Funky bomb and Death’s Head. Maybe even 20. They can’t be too powerful, since the Soul Cube would provide them only ONE kill. So if they can earn 2 or 3 kills with a Funky bomb or anything else, the kill which they earn with the Soul Cube is only a little bonus for their “goodness”.

    Of course, if you don’t use the Soul Cube when you have the 5 kills, you can’t “stack” the souls like if you have 10 kills, you could use the Soul Cube twice. Nahh, this will be not.

    I advised the pure 100% drain to don’t let the skilled players become too powerful with the Soul Cube in their possession (though it means only one kill). Skilled players usually has some kind of shield. And because the Soul Cube would drain 100% from anything, strong-shielded players and weaker-shielded players are equal.

    SO! If you have a shield,there is no chance for the Soul Cube to swallow you, it would just weaken you, and makes you vulnerable for other kind of warheads. Keep this in focus: Skillfull players use shields, even on later stages. Then a Soul Cube wouldn’t kill them.

    About the swallowing ability of the Soul Cube, all the players could discuss something which is good for anybody, so there is no need to follow just my idea about the Soul Cube sucks 100% power from anything. But you need to keep this: The Soul Cube makes NO difference among shields. So if we could figure out an acceptable power-drain, this could be done easily.
    But I emphasize this: The Soul Cube drains ALL shields equally!

    A question to you: If you’re buried alive, and don’t have earth removing stuff, could you use the Soul Cube as a last resort? I mean…can it be allowed for the Soul Cube to move through dirt?

    Willis, I appreciate your opinion, but I think the Soul Cube is a really revolutionary weapon. As you can see, it solves several problems, which I read on the forums.
    – Dealing with shields.
    – Underwater kill.
    – Guidance system, like in the old Scorched Earth.
    – A good last resort for hot situations.
    – No battery-problem. The Soul Cube can heal you back.
    – Anything else can I think of…

    Really, guys, I read about these problems on the forum. I heard several difficult solutions for each problem. Why not to use the Soul Cube to get them ALL solved in one? And the Soul Cube would give you another possibilites by figuring out various strategies how you can avoid/use it well. So Willis, I really think this could be an incredible weapon. But let’s ask Gavin what he thinks about this.

    Anything else? I’m curious about your opinions, just tell me, and I’m sure we could do it together 🙂 Like a real good teamwork.



    Just an another comment: Instead of changing the game, when somebody can’t deal with something, it’s much easier to construct the Soul Cube. I don’t agree with Willis, it’s not THAT complex for programming & gameplay. In case of programming, I think the Rollers, the Laser and Teleport device is ever harder, and gameplay….why, you only need to shoot the Soul Cube 🙂 I think taking out a Force Shield with only Baby missiles is harder (not to mention Baby rollers) 🙂



    Another one feature: Using the Soul Cube you could forget about these accidental deaths & suicides, like at Rollers, and Funky bombs.



    I admire your passion on the soul cube, but look, its a weapon fitting for a mod of some kind. You could call it “scorched earth, portal to hell – soul cube edition”.
    perhaps aproach one of the gratuitous mod makers about this

    my two cents…



    Well, I designed for the official Scorched3D, because it solves so many problems, this could be a great weapon.

    I know the Soul Cube is originally from Doom 3,but hell, the foreplanned Teleport is from Worms. I didn’t hear anybody complaining about this 🙂

    It might be a passion, but as you can read, a very useful weapon could be constructed. I know it’s a bit foreign among so many missiles, nukes, other warheads, but I think it’s just as foreign as a teleport.

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