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    ApocHQ FFA first shot dosnt mean round 1 first shot, any round first shot should be alot smaller then a apoc or death head… dont you think?

    Its just bad form to take out half the players on the first round. Needs to be a rule in there for that crap.



    A full house would be sweet 🙂

    will write more later. 🙂



    @shack, not sure what you’re getting at in your last post, but any rules specific to a particular turn or round in a game are bound to be screwed up and messy. I say, in Apoc, if you got the cash, and you want to end the round on shot 1, you DO IT. 😀

    WHy, cuz, its APOC, and besides, if you have that many players there, worth shooting at, YOU SHOOT THEM 😛

    it aint so easy to kill all the players on ANY map in apoc with more than 5 players.


    the idea to keep the bot in a bit longer is a pretty good idea overall. It could bring more players. The reason its this way is becuz it wanted a place where players can duel, yet have something to do while they wait. No other bot servers i like that as far as I know.

    We’ve had some nearly full houses of small weps mod in the first tournament, and by golly, those were the best games ever. I never have tried harder (only to lose to Blasterman :P). Maybe what I need to do is arrange a weekly braggin rights game with the pro’s. Damn, that would be a great time.

    What we need is a good stats race :D. Its hard though, with ppl going for stats at the main servers

    I like the boot camp name… reminds me of….. yes… BOOT CAMP. such a wonderful time, yet so horrible too.

    And yes, I hesitated to put in the FOrce shield, but due to its being in the original game, I figured to add it in, as a much less effective shield. I think it takes 3 direct hits? and provides much less blast protection. ITs only for the the trixy players. Definitly not an all around shield. I could be tempted to remove it.

    The funky bomb is the same way, but in this case, i again went for the effect of the original Scorched Earth – a totally random spread (at least I think it was 😕 ). It is extreemly powerful when directly hitting a shield. The current code detonates all explosions within subweapons when weapons hit the standard shield. Placement of the Funky becomes very hard. Low and close is good, otherwise the bombs spread out too far. I could be convinced to take it out, but the mod does need to have a decent weapons set, or it becomes boring. Funky bombs add color, and besides that, everyone loves them. 🙄

    If Nuke and FB were out, it really would be a bit closer to small weapons. Proportional to price however, I’ve tried to make a Nuke kill no more skillful than a baby nuke kill.



    well, for those that are interested, the rename should happen before Thanksgiving.

    Since I have all but decided to to junk the best of scorched3d, I will probably take my own ideas out of that mod and put them into sniper mod. I just need an outlet for my random weapon ideas. 😛

    I almost decided to keep small weapons mod separate but I think instead that I’ll include special instructions for setting up a small weapons game using sniper.

    not sure which version will remain at the ApocHQ server just yet.



    I just have a suggestion for a couple more weapons.

    Sniper rifle: need I explain?

    Baby nuke: need at least one semi powerful weapon on here

    cluster bomb: like the funky bomb except it splits into baby missles



    @cbx550f wrote:

    No great ideas – but please, don’t append “Mod” to it.

    ie: Possible name: not “Missile Madness Mod”, but just “Missile Madness” 😉


    so, in that regard, you are planning to rename roofmod? 😛

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