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    After days of “just” few rokets every day fired on the south of Israel there been an ugrade by the Islamic Jihad and the Resistace Comete. They shot MORE then 100 (yes One Hunderd) mislles on all over the south of the country. This happened afte Israel terminated the leader of the Resistance Comete. Yesterday it began and still continuing…
    We just had PURIM holday (like the holloween…) and faced 3 alarms of “Red Coloure” (5 misslies were fired and 4 just near the Kibbutz (were I live).
    My brother ands sister were here with their kids.. Not nice expiriense for them. My wife and I were there too when that was an alarm and had to rush into the safe area room. First time I saw my big sister so panic. Not long after that the TV channels started on a long specail programs about the events…
    All that happened not long before we were intendent to go to the PURIM party in the Kibbutz. My brother and sister decided not to go and to stay with their kids at my dad house, were and can be safe. (my dad baby sitted my little baby girl…back at my house). My wife and I didn’t let all that to effect us too much and went to PARTY. We didn’t regret that. Great party, great customs (the theme was young bro’s was one of the caracters of “the basterds”).
    My wife was a “joker”..a scary one.. I treid to be Jack Bouer but had only the “24” T-shirt..
    The winner of the best custom was a group of youngsters that dressed like the Flinstones and had that Mobil with no weels!
    Today, that same story but atleast no alarms..yet.
    E, C and little A



    All the people on both sides are in my thoughts, the “I shoot you and I shoot you back” just has got to stop sometime.

    plus now we’ve got people being slaughtered in Syria.

    People shouldn’t have to live life that way.
    PLease take care of you and your family.



    The different is that the Jihad shoots on civilians and right on schools (lucky it remain closed) and the IDF directing its shot to the shooters themselves.



    Religous intolerance, I never did understand it. I just think people use it as an excuse to carry out their agenda, regardless of what their faith deems truly righteous.

    Please take care Apache, it just wouldnt be the same here without you. And congratulations on the iron dome, I know its quite a technical feat, its blocked 90% of incoming missiles in populated civilian areas.

    Prayers with you,




    @apache64d wrote:

    The different is that the Jihad shoots on civilians and right on schools (lucky it remain closed) and the IDF directing its shot to the shooters themselves.

    I know Apache……and they’re the first to cry foul when one of their “precious” civilans does get killed. Its impossible to try to fight a politically correct war when the other side won’t.

    The uS has learned that many times. i’m so tired of us trying to bring “democracy” to places that either don’t understand it (their cultures just aren’t built that way) or don’t want it.

    Let them stay ignorant in their pile of rocks with no teachers,doctors or other professionals. Just like the money we’ve thrown in africa since I was a teenager (a damn long time ago) has made NO difference other than to make them want more…..and run every kind of scam on the internet that you can dream.

    Sorry for my 60 year old negative view of the world……but I’m tired of reaching out and helping people that take your money and then burn your flag.

    Again, please stay safe…..I read a news item in a hebrew online newspaper that said in so many words…”do your normal everyday thing but stay close to a shelter”….all I can say is you must be tough, mental as well as physical.



    Stay safe Apache good to hear from you even if things are not as one would wish.

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