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    I have a question, no a poll no less.

    Currently there seems to be a couple of months between major versions. Do people like this or would they prefer a shorter release cycle with less new stuff in it?



    I’m content with whatever you as developers feel comfortable with. I was amazed at how much you put into the last version from v35 (my comp was down for 2 months and I went from v35 in mid-Nov. to v36.2 in late Jan.) The numerous tank additions was a welcome surprise (Kenny has to be my favorite), and the teams addition has made playing offline a lot more interesting, though I’d like to be able to set more than 2 teams. 😉 I’d like to try online, but there aren’t any people on when I’m available.

    Following the discussion of development here in the forums, I can tell there will be a lot more new stuff in the next release, whenever that may be. I personally, though, am quite pleased with what is out now, and I for one am happy waiting.



    Truly, your releases should be mandated by a set of predetermined features/bug fixes, not by any time table. Besides, there’s always cvs for those who just can’t wait.



    Two months isn’t bad. I can play Scorched3D in the mean time 😀 . It can allow you guys to get more done and not have to worry constantly about posting a new version. Also at about 16 megs, it would be kinda hard for 56k modem people to have to keep downloading new versions every month.

    Just posting about the new features from time to time is enough for me.

    My vote is “Same as now”.



    I think that same as now is the best option. I would rather have the complete version than to have it released early only to download again a few weeks later. The only reason that I can think of for an early release is if there is a major bug that needs to be remedied quickly. So when those who have the brains are finished with the next version an feel confident about it, please by all means release it!

    BTW- About how much (percentage) have you completed for the next version out of your goal for it?




    I think you should just use your discretion, gavin. You know best.

    c. thomas



    Cheers guys. I will just keep plodding away.

    Not long now, just a few small bits of work left.



    Gcamp wrote:

    Not long now, just a few small bits of work left.

    Is that bits or bytes? 8)

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