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    Don’t know if it’s just me but since about 5pm or so mountain time
    there’s been no responce from the registration server.

    I haven’t been able to host a game and have it process, or locate any
    games thru the launcher. I can still join games by thier direct address.

    Is anyone else having this issue? or am i just nuts, banned, or some-
    other way messed up..



    i have the same problem.

    i join by direct copying and pasting server id.



    What are the IP addresses for the official Scorched3d servers?



    Not sure if this helps but the scorched3d server registration service is held on the sourceforge server (this site is not). This was done to try and keep the sites needed to run the game going even if I was to go (and stop paying for this site)….

    You can check the status of the sourceforge registration server here:-

    Perhaps I should put a link to this at the bottom of the servers page.

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