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    Laptops Daddy

    i’m starting to think all this is a positive thing. people like a bit of drama. i haven’t noticed the servers any less full.

    *edit ^ we need more cheats



    O the drama…

    You should see the drama at my school…

    Like OMG!, You won’t believe what she just said, Don’t give me looks, Shut up, No!

    Uhh yeah thats about the only lines our school uses.


    Well at least this has a larger range of words…



    Laptops Daddy – huh?

    format an spare ext3 partition to ntfs, install windows, re-install grub, job done… Grub then acts as a chain loader as well as a boot loader. I’m no windows expert!! and yes insulted!!! =)



    @parasti wrote:

    Uhm. Obviously the “red bold text” was added emphasis, not added text…

    Yes, I know. But BR added emphasis to the emphasis. 🙂



    Richie, you already had windows installed, I know this, cos it was my disks u used (well, the disks I borrowed from ray that u borrowed from me).
    and you love microsoft, i know how much you love your mouse PMSL!!!



    I had windows xp on the test machine, the new one ray gave me is 1.5G processor 512M ram, so i’m using that, but no hard drive came with it. Therefore used the other one form the crap test machine + 20gig i took out when you were here.

    Had to re-formatm and don’t have an xp install disk, therefore put server 2003 and kubuntu mce on the other…. but tested the hack on my main machine as the graphics card has no drivers untill i work out what it is and bother to download…

    My new mouse is cool, old one crap….

    Yes… Microsoft… humm…..



    deathbal – i know : ). not even close. i didn’t doubt you for a second

    DB a cheater I laugh in the face of anyone who even considers it.

    If you watch the way he plays, you’ll see that his aim isn’t even particularly good

    Ok ok, i’m not that bad. 😥



    You don’t know me, coz I change name and ID’s quite often.
    The files in question can be edited with ease.
    I don’t give a fsck about statistics and suchlike.
    I usually pick someone with a big mouth and shoot him several times, just to annoy him.

    Having said that, let me tell you a thing or two.

    Your game is open source, so hacks are inevitable.
    I know C and C++ backwards, coz that’s my job.
    I tried to install Scorched3D from source, on a IBM running system Z, and naturally failed the first time.
    But compilers give error messages.
    They tell you why and how they failed to compile the source.
    So you start to look at the files in question and make your edits.
    Then you see lines like: “foo” is the amount of “bar”, devided through 10.
    Every red blooded coder can’t resist to tweak those lines to his taste, right ? 😛
    Then you dig in deeper . . .
    Long story short:
    My box does now sport a client that can tab through available targets and auto adjust angle and power.
    I can kill anyone with the first shot, without even looking at the screen.
    My shields are modified, you can’t even kill me with 10 direct hits at the same time.
    My market files are hacked too, I get 1000 times the buy price for selling.

    Pretty unfair, huh ?

    But there’s the other side of me.
    The side that enjoys a chat, makes friendships, and never ever cheats when on his “TRUE” account.
    Sometimes I even miss on purpose to let a friend win.
    Either you get into the spirit of the game, or you don’t.
    Luckily, those who don’t, leave after a very short time.

    Anyway . .
    what i wanted to tell you is:
    Don’t suspect Linux users of cheating, coz they pride themselves on using an alternate OS, without really knowing it.
    All they do is download packages, coding is far beyond them.
    They are the most pathetic crowd I’ve ever seen.
    They try to hate Microsoft while copying windows as best as they can 😀
    There’s MS for casual users and there are Unixes for Pros, who needs Linux ?

    Don’t suspect Windows users either, even if there’s a cheat that works perfectly.
    I tried it, and using it is a snap, but sadly, Windooze (l)users are mostly to dumb to activate the bloody thing.

    Suspect the guys with AIX, Solaris, System Z, HpUx, and BSDs – they know how to hack, they take pride in their knowledge, and they enjoy to bash a few Windooze and Linsux (l)users.
    They don’t need a fsckin downloaded aimbot – they are usually much better than that.

    Who i am ?
    Ask me if you think you’ve spotted me, and I’ll tell you. 😈


    Mcb Lover

    interesting post..then from now this game become more interest…



    Rflmao, you’ve accomplished nothing. There are no prizes for winning or doing well in this game. You think you are bragging? You’ve just told everyone that you need to cheat to do well. Bravo. You are not unique nor clever. You are one of many that try to accomplish a task by cheating to make up for your inadequacies. Quite common.



    I am damn sure I’ve seen some very similar Unix talk before, on Main. Incidentally, scanning the logs I see that it is all from the same person.



    Hi ppl,

    I just read this thread because of people talking about aimbots on the game. I suspected about it when I saw some players shooting and hitting targets the other side of the map with wind force 5 on their first shoot several times. Now I know how they do it.

    I thought I was loosing my aim, almost went to a doctor about it, but now that I read this I feel much better, thanks.

    roflmao, most of what you say isn’t any news. Yes, this is an opensource game. I think that for students and programmers (and linux users like me) it’s only normal and educative to read the source of the game. I could do some tweaks too, I understand C. The point is that this is a game, played for fun. Give other goals to your life and spend your time doing more positive things than this, there is much more things to do with it.

    For me it’s a matter of life philosophy, a question of honesty maybe. Using cheats is like using steroids on sports. You can do it, but if you are busted, you’re banned and/or punished. If you cheat, you aint better or smarter than others or even a winner, you’re just a poor cheater, nothing else.

    Please keep this great game as open source. Thank you very much for it.



    Hehe don’t feed the troll.


    Laptops Daddy




    @roflmao wrote:

    My shields are modified, you can’t even kill me with 10 direct hits at the same time.
    My market files are hacked too, I get 1000 times the buy price for selling.

    I doubt it… aimbots are easy of course (using bot’s one shot per kill sources), but from what i know, things like shield damage and buying/selling are done on the server.

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