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    nah man global warming is real!!! I insist! It happens when that one thing comes up and heats half the earth for a day as it spins. I think they call it the sun, hell that damn sun made my sun tea warm! Perserve the Cold Sun Tea! 😛




    You two sound like misinformed persons, care to be informed?

    The scientific consensus doesnt support your scathing remarks, scathing for the truth that is. Every authoritative scientific organisation supports the warming of the earth and there is lots of data that proves it.

    I would give more detailed arguments as i have done in the past but i fear its wasted on you. I have met too many deniers who reject any argument i give and come up with silly claims that are supposed to be good reasons, to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    If you do feel like starting an argument, thats cool i feel like having some fun. Let me guess first argument- Climate Gate?



    nah bazz i like you mate 😉

    we just dont agree on some things. Its what ill believe till the end of my days, no point beating a dead horse.




    Global Warming Revisited :

    There are few in the science fields that refuse to acknowledge
    that the average temperature of the Earth changes over time.

    Although the causative agent or agents have yet to be fully
    understood, the evidence of climate change is irrefutable.

    We do not know what is causing the dramatic increase in the
    incidence of preschool girls experiencing puberty but we do not
    attempt to deny the evidence simply because we find the
    ramifications to be disturbing.

    Did you see the tits on that toddler !

    Denial of the existence of obvious problems
    does nothing to help correct them.



    i never said that global warming didnt exist, i merely pointed out i use the sun to make my sun tea. and that i wished to preserve my cold sun tea stores. 😛

    global climate temperture fluctuations could be caused by man, or are a natural occurence, either way its happening and theres really not much I can do about it. if it is man made, various countries world wide will still do what theyve done for ages. if a method is the cheapest and quickest way to achieve an end they will continue to use it. Its just a fact of life.

    further more, i find myself offended that you would think i am misinformed because i dont share the same viewpoint as you.
    perhaps a quote will help.

    “If everyone in a room is presented the same problem and all persons in that room conclude with the same solution to said problem, someones not thinking”
    -my father

    (if I jumped everytime a politican or scientist was worried about someting, I would have the biggest quads in the world.)
    Thats my 2 cents and thats all im offering.




    Just dropping by to say hello-Nice to see the forum is’nt totally dead 😀

    A need to know basis-Based on the fact that the general population could not handle realistic scenarios;since most live in a centered/self made focused reality more now than ever before-me-.

    If you read nothing else in this post/Read the following

    We require the help of the world community of scientists — natural, social, economic, political;

    We require the help of the world’s business and industrial leaders;

    We require the help of the worlds religious leaders; and

    We require the help of the world’s peoples.

    We call on all to join us in this task.

    Over 1,500 members of national, regional, and inter-national science academies have signed the Warning. Sixty-nine nations from all parts of Earth are represented, including each of the twelve most populous nations and the nineteen largest economic powers. The full list includes a majority of the Nobel laureates in the sciences. Awards and institutional affiliations are listed for the purpose of identification only. The Nobel Prize in medicine is for physiology or medicine.

    —> <—

    NASA Warns quietly=

    Scientista warn of global shift=

    Is the Gulf of mexico leak really fixed?=

    Oil spill under control?!(last calculated spill was 6 miles wide & 500ft thick in 1 place-Many others not noted for size-/Not visible due to disspersants that allow the oil to settle below the water surface)?=

    BTW….The sky is falling



    I dont think scientific arguments will appeal to science deniers.

    I could start a thread with the state of discussion concerning the scientific knowledge of the subject to make that clear and to expose the shortcomings in reasoning.

    Sounds like fun, no?

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