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    I would be in favor of realtime play….

    One thing though… would it be possible to have it so that as long as you’re using the small / weak weapons (for example baby missle, baby digger, riot bomb, dirt clod, etc), you can fire your next one while a previous shot is still airborne? (I can understand not being able to airmail someone $120,000 in 2 shots within 1.5 seconds of each other, but if I’m shooting baby missles, then for example at 1000 power and 75 degree angle I might want to be able to have like 7 or 8 of them in flight simultaneously.)

    Also, I personally would like to see the buy time increased. I’m always running out of time to buy, especially on the last round. 🙁 (as in… I really could use an extra 30 to 45 seconds to buy)…. also would it be possible to change gifting so you can actually specify a number to gift someone? If I wanted to gift Player ID 41694, for example, $200k, I’d have to click gift, 10k, that player’s name 8 times, and then even after that I wouldn’t have time on round 10 to buy my 12 teleports, 8 deaths heads, 8 force shields, 24 parachutes, 40 batteries, 90 rocket fuel, 80 fuel, ok what else did I leave out 😉

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