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    Just wondering about the feasability of adding a realtime play option in the turn menu.

    Just a question. scorched 3D is awesome and I wouldn’t want to turn it into a shootem up style acrade type game when it’s playstyle is supposed to be strategy turn based. But if say the option is there for people to use it would make the game more versatile. For realtime I’m not saying you have to keep moving your tanks, obviously you’d run out of fuel, but it would be fast and furious, probably not what scorched3D makers intended for the game.

    Poeple say try BZflag if you want an arcade style game but then it’s not quite the same as playing scorched3D. How would scorched3D play out in realtime?

    This would be similar in style to Deathtank but not really. It would be scorched3D with realtime play. I’ve never played Deathtank or BZflag but there’s two windows version of Deathtank called groundfire and helltanks. Very similar to the orginal scorched earth with realtime play but both are unfinished games. Very playable but just not completely finished.



    Hi Chris :

    The vision you gave me, was of a game where the rounds are limited by time instead of by shots. If you can fire 40 shots or 4 shots in the alloted time it is all the same.

    What a great idea! I would love to try it.

    However, there are two issues I see with your suggestion. The first one may not be too bad but the second one seems insurmountable.

    1. Increased load on the server and the clients.

    2. The better players will object (they need a full 45 seconds per shot to aim).

    Thank you for making suggestions and try not to let the naysayers dampen your spirits.

    Best wishes,




    I have been thinking about something like this for quite a while, the feedback i get from friends i try to introduce to this game is that its tough to get into it.
    You get killed and then you have to wait for next round, gameplay can be slow if youre a newb.

    If for example there would be a mod that could be set up to be continious play for a certain time where you get to shoot and drive as much as you like with limited weapons. Big weapons have slow firing rates small fire fast.
    But i doubt this is possible the way the game works, but i may be wrong(please let me be wrong).

    If possible this could help to keep more people stick to playing and allow for a more casual game, if you could just jump in and start shooting.



    So I’m not saying change the game, just add the option of realtime play in the menu. I’m no coder but it wouldn’t be all that hard to implement. Would it?

    And really the turn based gameplay would still be there along with simultaneous turn play. And really it doesn’t matter if better players complain about setting up their shot because it’s a whole different style of play. It adds more dynamics to the game.

    Also for multiplayer online play, as you said that would cause some strain, we don’t need that added but maybe however that could be added later.



    The game has been written pretty much as a turn based stratagy, it would be hard to change to a real-time game. That’s not to say it couldn’t be done but it would require recoding a lot of it. It started this way because lots of people used to have modems (56k etc) and with turn based they weren’t at a disadvantage.



    Sounds very fun-But, I play BZflag sometimes…(Local Servers) . . .(Blushes) I have been asked to quit (nicely) because of lag problems due to my……cough…Dial Up internet (Yes, a few of us Scorched players still use dial up). @ Romm-Some of the good shooters don’t need 45 seconds to shoot;)
    The further a real time server is from my isp’s homebase;The more I lag & almost stall out & I also flicker (Ghosting-they tell me) when lagging. I see people get kicked ingame all the time(Scorched turn based). . . .I wonder how much this would increase & actually totally ruin the game play.

    In theory it sounds great–great for all Scorchers. . . ?

    A separate server dedicated to real time=feasible, if Gavin & others with the skills have the time,willingness,enough requests from the community.

    **Have been asked many times–NO, I do not have the option of High Speed isp** I would love to try the real time gaming with Scorched-Not in my near future. . . . .22 miles from nearest Fiber Optics-(1 mile/3 miles=Nearest neighbors. Cell drops in/out + is 1xrtt. Satellite=lagging;)
    My current speed is 28.8 Kbps–It was @ 26.4 Kbps for 2 years 🙁
    Scorched is my only mainstay online game that does’nt lag out on me-Guys even beat me in browser games when it is down to multiple fast moves-I lose the showdown 😆



    Dial up? Me too! I’m sure there’s a lot of people still on dial up. Pretty expensive for high speed, specially in the rural areas.

    I was just considering real time play for offline use. An evening with a few friends with a huge projected scorched3D image is pretty cool. Now imagine that in realtime play and you increase the intensity of the gameplay.

    Although it seems like it’s a pretty big project to undertake, wish I knew coding and had a bit of time I’d love to dive right into that project.



    High Five to Chris2222-Dial up club member 😀
    Yes, would be fun in a local game-I got a bit carried away on the online version. . . . You already know the cons of dial up=Props =D>



    I love the idea! 😀 if only it were possible.

    On another note, as a vette in this game i only take approx 5-10 secs to set up my shot as its all done from the hip 😉 (yes i know im not the most accurate but it i treat this game as a game and not a math quiz)


    pastor of muppets

    Case! Good to see your still around ol boy 🙂



    @mooic wrote:

    … in this game i only take approx 5-10 secs to set up my shot as its all done from the hip 😉 (yes i know im not the most accurate but it i treat this game as a game and not a math quiz)

    I would agree completely to that. I almost never take 20 to 30 secs for a shot. Unless is cave map in 5 wind… 😯 😯



    im always here lurking around 😛



    I’m starting a development version to try some stuff out with regards to real-time play, I’ll see how it gets on.



    Ooooo sounds good 😀



    Realtime play would be freekin’ sweet! By the way,Jolene and I are doing very well. Bubble bubble aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! 8)

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