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    Since some people are in a mystery as to how others look and act.. well lets post our mugs.

    Heres me.

    19 years old
    Green eyes
    Brown hair

    and raised by a Marine.
    Currently I work at a food store selling groceries. I am pursuing a masters in political science and international studies while minoring in German. I currently hold above a 3.5 gpa and someday wish to attend law school.

    I deal with idiots all day long and often come home cranky and tired. When I see someone being a (insert slang word for male genitillia here) I call them out on it.

    My friends are few but very close.

    My hobbies include:
    Working out
    Digital Design
    Computer Games
    Chasing Women

    My personality is quite straightforeward. I hate longwinded conversations. I have burned many a bridge telling people how I view them and their ethics.

    Pet peeves:
    -banging around the bush
    -feigning innocence
    -circular reasoning
    -general stupidity
    -asking without looking
    -lack of effort
    -sneaky behavior
    -sharing personal information
    -being thanked.

    theres my happy little book




    Good call Mr Bunny.

    I am Peanut AKA Chris

    i’m 30 and have struggled to deal with idiots for around 28 years (including myself on MANY occasions).

    I rarely see black or white in discussions, everything’s usually a shade of grey, the shade must be debated at great length, but in the end, the other party(ies) are always wrong unless they agree with me 100% πŸ™‚

    I love technology but lack the self motivation (read lazy) to get myself into a position to earn enough to be able to afford any, yet have a distinct inability to ask for help with pretty much anything (unless I’m doing something for someone else).

    I used to enjoy mountain biking and swimming, but had to stop due to medical crap (stupid dumb nervous system).

    I’m brutally honest most of the time but have been trying to ease up if I know honesty will hurt a good persons feelings.

    I enjoy video gaming, but only with humans as AI are usually very boring conversationalists.

    Currently I’m a self employed IT techy doing PC repairs & builds, but prefer to spec PCs and setup servers (which is FAR too infrequent for my liking).

    I look like a mong, unless I’ve run outta drugs πŸ˜‰


    Laptops Daddy

    I’m lost for a clichΓ©. I suppose I’m the reclusive, troubled, slightly effeminate, slightly affected, saw it, want it, ‘take it!’ type. Or, OK, don’t, whatever. But I was gonna! I cry at cartoons.

    I live alone, I work alone. Don’t touch me! I’m alone.

    I enjoy coding, art, music, poetry and puzzles.

    last word… i have edits. im removing that big one.

    *edited on account of right to be forgotten : )



    Yea, but we still love ya Lappy
    Well, love killin’ ya!

    P.S I forgot to mention, I must always have the last word!



    Haha my brother never liked clothes either πŸ˜€

    Every picture he takes has to be some sort of tasteful nude πŸ˜›




    Iam surprised laptop even posted let alone attached a picture!

    things have changed a great deal since i came here last.



    Chuck,48 and independent when I can be….. Honest and self motivated. I like pretty much everything in life that is a positive. Turned off by negativity and irrationality. Realist to the core. . . Fictional-ism does not live here. The Simple things in life make me happy… A roof,food,transportation,true friends & family,outdoors…..& I Really like electronics/mechanical gadgets. Many interests πŸ™‚
    Trouble shooting/repairing are my strong suits.

    Nice to meet you guys. ~Props to Kanga/Wraith;Great Idea~

    Heya Chop-Git yur Mug on here too pal πŸ˜‰

    *About picture*
    2003 Telephone fiber optic cabinet & site station[attachment=0:axwfxt5h]2003-TeleSiteBuild.jpg[/attachment:axwfxt5h] built & installed by myself and a coworker… Back when I subcontracted



    Guess Women ain’t your cuppa tea then Vike if you don’t like irrationality πŸ˜‰



    @peanutsrevenge wrote:

    Guess Women ain’t your cuppa tea then Vike if you don’t like irrationality πŸ˜‰

    LOL!! At our age-Hormone induced irrationality is to be expected from my wife….
    There are moments that would rival any good drama on the tele(TV). . .ROFL πŸ˜†



    I remember when my old dear went through the Menopause, damn women can be weird!


    Laptops Daddy

    it would have been fun if we’d each written each other’s first.

    @yusuf wrote:

    I am surprised laptop even posted let alone attached a picture!

    and im surprised you didnt.

    good to see you, yusuf. i could use some of your graphics skills when you have time.

    did i mention i was a feminist and a fan of irony? you wouldnt wonna be the last guy who called me rational
    ; [



    yes whenever you want …



    Women CAN be weird? They’re born that way…trust me.
    After 2 ex wives and 20 years of the third one….guess its too late to change my orientation… πŸ˜†
    but you said a mouthful.



    we aren’t weird. we are what we are. but sometimes i wonder why. :-s
    btw I’m Ana from Portugal.
    funny, crazy, better say wakko sometimes. loves a good talk and a good movie. Oh and yes I’m the Queen of Spam.
    the pic i’ll set it later πŸ˜›



    @sondra wrote:

    we aren’t weird. we are what we are. but sometimes i wonder why. :-s

    See..they don’t even know… :mrgreen:

    Oh and AW… need a haircut…. 8)

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