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    @gcamp wrote:

    @1 aka newb aka cheater. wrote:

    @gcamp wrote:

    Ok agreed, a warning and then the ban.

    This post will count as the first and only warning to ‘1’.
    Any players please point him to this post if he does not believe.

    If he continues the same, he will be banned.

    Nice to see you all.I was pointed to this post by my friend and i really cant believe.What i have done to be banned?Just explain me consist of this warning.

    If so many people are taking offence at what you are doing, you must be doing something wrong. Even if you don’t think you are.

    All I am saying is that I dont want one person to spoil it for everyone. Hence the warning.

    Good day,Gcamp.Look plz at game logs what was about 15 minutes ago.I talking about your top 1 player Apollo Tangent,one of those people who dont like me but you dont know why.I think if you can make warning to me for nothing you can make warning to Apollo Tanget for those posts.



    If u dont call the others players “moron” ,maybe u have not this problem.
    Bye Kid



    Dont know who are you but i used to say “moron” once in the last gametoday to the player “Make Mine Decapitated” what came in the middle of game and spend all money on funkies to make me loose the game.

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