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    Crispy Critter

    I’m noticing that the rank displayed when I connect to the server doesn’t agree with the rank shown in the stats page. Is the stats ranking calculated differently, or is it not accounting for ties?

    As of this writing, I get rank 75 connecting to the server, and 93 when looking at the stats.



    You’re listing by kills.

    The ranking system changed for this series where there’s a new skill calclation (I think that got changed) and rank is calculated by kill now, not kills.

    You’re an example of it working, you’ve not plyed much, hence not alot of kills, but you’re good, so you’re rank reflects skilled.

    Have a look around ome older threads (about 6-9 months ago) and you should find a few threads where it was discused.



    And secondly, while you may be -near- in skill points to several others, it
    will show several players as equal rank in the game’s display. However the
    web-page list is a more precise, it will show them in exact order.



    Hey Critter..I can tell you this much….self kills will bust ya back a bunch. I tossed a digger the other day waaaaaaaaay away and had the dang thing blow out under me…..aint right I tell ya..just aint right… #-o

    welcome back btw….great to see some of the ol’ bastages around.

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