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    Hi Acid :

    Since no one else has answered your question, I’ll offer my opinion.

    I would say that it mostly depends on your ability to see the humor.@acid22 wrote:

    Is ‘Hilarious’ worse than getting ‘bent out of shape’?

    If you laugh too, it’s not so bad. If not, then yes, it might be worse.

    I hope that helps.

    Having noticed that you had a five player game going earlier, I thought
    you might enjoy having another afternoon player join you in the mix.

    A new player (Plasma) was using the chat window to find an afternoon
    game yesterday. It was a couple of hours before you played today.

    If you can play a couple of hours earlier, perhaps you can find him.



    P.S. – This short clip of the Swedish Chef may be good for a giggle :

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