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    Most of the regular players know I use several different names in-game, which gives me a fair, if not decent, amount of anonymity. I was curious to know if a message appeared in-game announcing that an admin action had taken place. In another game I played, this was the case, and anytime the message “PlayerX has become an admin” flashed on the screen, the offending player(s) immediately started apologizing and claiming they were joking, they didn’t mean it, whatever, and then they would go back to doing it as soon as PlayerX left the game. I am hoping this is not the case with Scorched, so that I, as a random player, can go into admin and start implementing disciplinary measures without having to deal with all the BS a player starts spewing once they know they’re caught.

    I really think verbal warnings are all anyone should get before discipline starts happening. If an “admin alert” goes on the screen, then I think the offending player’s buddies will start defending him, knowing (or assuming) the log is being recorded, and all their excuses will go into the log, making a tougher case to prove.

    Anyone reading the forums can find out Ebonite² is an admin, but who’s going to unnaturally behave when PastyWhiteGuy is in the game? I can provide a list of the names I use if any admin wants them.

    Also, looking at the current command list, I would start with the slap for unruly players, however, since being dead would lend more time to ignoramus behavior, what would be a good option then? A kick, to me, would seem to require a fairly serious infraction, so would a mute be better, or just wait for the next round and slap them at that point?

    And speaking of mute, does that mute the offender to all other players? If so, how would one determine if the offender has improved? And if they log out, could they be unmuted at that point, so that when they return, they aren’t muted? Ideally, I would think that only players logged in as admin could see (hear?) a muted player, so they could be aware of an apology or whatever and know a good point to unmute a player. Sure, it may look like I’m talking to myself when the other player’s chat doesn’t appear on everyone’s screen, but unless an admin determines a set ammount of time for a mute (5 minutes, 2 rounds, etc.), it would be hard to know if a player is civil again.



    I can answer two of your questions:

    First logging into admin does NOT get broadcasted to the server.

    Second when you preform an action (say kick), it does NOT say WHO is doing such.

    As far as people kissing up.. it even happens in scorched. Wowbagger and I were playing and, I much later responded to his question if I had abmin abilities. Some random person who was being quite anoying – after seeing two people confirm to each other admin rights – his exact words were oh Sh*t (without the *) .. then when he eventually went back to his “word slips” when he realized we were not doing anything about it.



    ah, good

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