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    Hello Levi-props on the Tourney stuff. Thanks for your hard work & dedication to Scorched3d. If it is ok…. I thought I would try to help the community out also. I had an idea-for quite some time now-but, felt I could not explain my idea properly-so, I am building a helper website for Misc. Scorched3d efforts…. I have’nt bumped with Gavin yet as far as,do’s & don’ts. The web page is a “work in progress”, not meant to undermine any persons efforts here. We do have a real time coordination & Live chat problem. This may help solve some of this…. Anyone can use the “Live Chat Box” (No sign up & is easy)/I made a site a few years back that had this feature for us that played “Astro Empires”. If you (Levi or Gavin) join the web site….you can alter/type in events in the calendar page. I have yet to edit/delete the rest of the pages. Let me know what you would like to see on there without taking away anything from this forum. You can link or whatever you like to the page(s). I can edit the Title or anything else that is needed. I would like to link from that page to Scorched3d if possible(even if it only links from that site to this one). I am going to try to draw more people into Scorched3d one way or the other…LOL
    I was thinking of also adding Utube Scorched3d links to that site.

    Link ➡

    You can also run the chat box independently in its own window —
    -Here ➡

    **Edited May19-Changed chat boxes to an audible alarm type….Post & others with the page active will hear a sound**



    Posted a change–>See first post in thread… “New Chat Box”~Has Audio alert~I can make this members only….


    Levi the Oracle

    I haven’t had a chance to look at this yet Vik, but I will get to it. I am a little buried in a network install atm.

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