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    subject request

    new & more powerful & improved flame/smoke trails for projectile veffects

    guess ill try my luck @ requesting here rather then spm’s
    as not to *flood our leaders pm box with rubish*

    ok been wanting this for a while now..

    on any given missle projectile that is fired I think it’s time for
    a better & more realistic missle launch flame & smoke effect trail
    that follows the missle…not that I dont like the upside down candle
    we have now.. it just does’nt feel to have much thrust as the flame
    flickers with the given wind direction.. & real thrust *Laughs at wind*
    as theres more power @ 2,000,000 lbs X times the force of wind?

    so what I am using as an example of what I would like to see
    in effects is this photo of the space shuttle blasting off.

    you get the point of what i mean but with specifics in effects
    I mean that ..

    1) I would like to see a new texture for the thrust flame
    brighter and with more boost and also a 1-100
    depending on the projectile size as i would think death head rocket thrust
    would be very big & baby missles would be puny *not all the same*.

    2) similarly I would like to see an after effect of the smoke trails
    it leaves behind also in 1-100 but also
    smaller towards the thrust engine larger & with a smoke delay being
    towards the further distance from the missle so like this

    im not talking about the delay we already have that as an example
    i use for the flame thrower & not replacing the old but adding a
    *new* flame trail texture for the more powerful rockets.

    —-< oo0O()( ) <--- smoke smaller-bigger with a delay from the furthest
    distance before it then disapears.

    in my head i would think of it being similar to the explosion texture
    cloud.bmp but rather it leaving a trail in one direction that disapates.

    with the new tags I would imagine it something like



    something like that & i think you get my drift but I wont hold my breath.




    ok well I may as well post a few things here that I need answered..

    not sure if it’s a bug or not but it’s reaLLY getting on my nerves that
    my music is constantly skipping back to the beginning every other time
    a player makes a shot or multiple explosions take place..

    thought this was an issue with maybe not having enough channels
    so I tried that.. no luck.. is there some specific wave attributes that
    all should be recorded @?? I am usualy using between PCM 11.025 kHz, 16 Bit, Mono -threw- PCM 22.050 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo depending on how
    bad off the sound is.

    I am wondering if maybe perhaps the mixings of all these kHz is what
    may be causing the errors that cause the skip back to the beginning of
    the track… but thats a guess & really have no clue.

    also I was wondering if it might be possible to use the glow of the shield
    on projectiles or lasers?



    also I was wondering if it might be possible to use the glow of the shield
    on projectiles or lasers?

    That would be a sweet feature, I’d love to see that.



    One thing I think would be neat and let you do alot with flames/smoke is to have some nondrawn objects (like turretpivot and gunpivot) in projectil models that (if there were any so as not to mess up all missiles made before this) would be called like smokepoint and flamepoint or something, so you could add multiple flame and smoke effects with diffrent starting positions. Then you could add a few fire points offset from the center and have them spiral behind a spinning bomb. It might also be neat to be able to aim the smoke and fire so you could make more complex trails. Like, have 3 fire points in the same spot, but aim each out to the side a bit.

    I’m not sure what you mean about chaning fire color and texture and start/end size though because I think you can change all of them already right? There is a smoke and flame texture bmp. But, I think it would be cool if you could choose diffrent textures for diffrent projectiles (like you can choose diffrent napalm textures, might be cool to be able to set new smoke/flame textures for diffrent weapons). Againt though, it would have to be done so that if you dont set it to something specific in the accessories it would stay the same, features that break every mod made atm kinda are a pain 🙂

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