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    This has occured numerous times in Main, and it has happened to other players as well. The missile or any weapon projectile shot, for that matter, will suddenly dissappear while inflight and reappear a few seconds later somewhere late along the trajectory. Sometimes it disappears for too long and you don’t see it at all because by the time the graphics have recovered the shot would have already landed. Lag server side maybe? Those who have seen this happen, please concur..



    That’s pretty much your answer. The current engine does it’s best to keep
    pace with the action, even if your client is lagging out. During times when
    you are slowing a bit, the engine skips a few frames of the movie and starts
    displaying it again whenever it can.
    There have been times my screen stops totally for 20-30 sec.. i hear the
    action going on, but return to see the map radically changed.

    This isn’t a bug, only a side-effect of not having uber-speed hardware.


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    @raden wrote:

    Those who have seen this happen, please concur..

    ive seen that too

    @thrax wrote:

    This isn’t a bug, only a side-effect of not having uber-speed hardware.

    this is different, thrax, i think. it’s server-side or some kind of sync problem – it seems to happen to everyone at the same time, and not under heavy load – i saw it with three players mcb style.


    not to hijack, but just to tack onto this…
    the new aiming graphic is awesome and way better than the old one, but i think we’ve lost something when it comes to precision in aiming. i think the main red bit needs to be less fuzzy with a definite and clearer mid-point and top edge



    I’ll try make a video of the ‘anomaly?’ n upload it when I can.



    Most mods are specifically designed to rewrite everything in it’s own theme.
    From mcb to Total Conversions. Plus, since many different modders make
    seperate projects, they prefer a sence of poetic license on thier efforts.

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