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    I tried to add a new item to the defense-tag called “Toughness”.
    It simply raises your lifebar to 200 hitpoints and can be combined with shields.
    It’s one of those things I missed in the buylist and it’s a nice to combine.
    I can’t use it without wasting a turn or combining it with some weaponaction.
    Got any proposals for me?



    The problem is that, WeaponGiveslife is concidered a weapon and will use a turn when used. Even if you can combine it with a shield, you have to hit the fire button right?



    he means it would act like your life bar, but use like a shield



    At this point, there is no way to do that, Hiob.

    There’s workarounds (Adding weapons that include that feature etc), but no real solution, at this time.

    A bit of a tricky thing to implement, but it may happen soon (you’re not the first to want this functionality).




    The thing to do (if anything) would be to add some sort of tag to an accessory to let you use it and still continue your turn. As in, you could fire off multiple shots per shot. It would be kind of neat if you had 2 shots from a realy weak weapon you could aim in 2 directions in one move. And yeah, it could lead to some realy unbalanced mods but so can anything.

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