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    I’m almost certain this isn’t my fault. I was given resources by M. O. to make a Borg Cube. The problem however is the gun is pointed in a way that I don’t have the model gun pointed. I have the gun and gun pivot pointed out of the corner where it needs to be however Scorched doesn’t see it this way. I’ve also got the turret pivote pointed at the corner. I’ve tried arranging the pivots in different ways (which may have no effect) but nothing helps.

    If it’s something I’m doing wrong then could someone assist me?

    You can see what I’m talking about in the picture below. I know the Borg Cube doesn’t have a gun, btw. I just put one there to prove a point.


    Apollo Tangent

    Looks like that the weapon needs to be centered on the cube.

    Right now, it’s in direct alignment with the outside edge. The picure of it looks nice. Perhaps if you put the smallest cube or sphere dead center on top of the cube and use it as your pivot point, it might be workable.

    But no modeler am I.




    Just noticed this thread….

    Death, what are you modelling with? (ie: Milkshape, Blender, etc)

    I know in Blender I’ve had this problem when I’ve moved/rotated something without doing an “Apply Size and Rot”. Also, ensure your object centres are in the same place. I like to keep mine at the centre bottom of the entire model. (This may only apply to Blender modelling, not sure)




    I use Milkshape. There is no Applying needed after rotating in Milkshape

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